Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Search for the Swimsuit

I have struggled forever with swimsuits.

Haven't we all.
But, this past weekend, I bit the bullet and bought a one piece, black "slimmer" suit.
It was calling my name at Sam's.
It was saying, "I have good coverage. I may be the only one who can hide your belly that you never do sit-ups to get rid of."
I was staying strong, telling myself, "wait a little while, keep wearing the tankinis that don't really fit until you lose a little weight and then buy something new".
But I took too long to turn my already full cart and the suit simply said, "This is something your mom would suggest as a good idea".

Then I stopped, I thought and I laid the suit in my cart.
He was smug, but I didn't mind.
He was right.
My mom is a young Nana and up with the styles, so she knows how I want to dress, but she is also smart when it comes to quality.

Did I mention the suit costs $30.
I usually prefer TJ Maxx and pay $14.99 for a name brand for a suit that was really in 5 years ago.

This was working for me for awhile.
Until I had a thought.

I do not enjoy seeing too much of a woman because her suit is failing her, especially up top, so why am I wearing these myself.

I hate to admit it, but I will.

I think in the back of my little brain, I was really thinking, by showing off an asset, it somehow hides the fact that I need to lose weight.

It probably makes people just think, "Poor girl has to lose some weight and cover up!"

I am trying on the weight thing and you know what?
I knew this black suit would do the trick.

But next problem.
I am usually around a size 12.
I did get down to 10 not too long ago, but did not do enough to stay there.
And oh, to have the sweet victory of the single digits.
To see a tag with a single digit and not have to toss it to the side right away.
And what about those Mudd jeans that I have in the basement from my first year of college with the bleach stain and the frayed ankles that are just calling my name....

But I digress....

They did not have a 12!
So, I took the 14- My mother always says to get the bigger size and I thought maybe she could take it in for me.

I got home and tried the suit on right away.
I still left the little liner in thinking I would need to keep it intact to return it.

It fit perfectly.
Great coverage, feels so comfortable because it has such strong fabric against the stomach and it really does make me look slimmer.

Now I ask myself am I a 14 or do swimsuits run small?

I am going with the latter....

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  1. You can NEVER judge your size based on swimsuits girl... they are NEVER true!!! Just think of the kids... the sizes are all off on them too.
    LOVE the suit and you deserve it. LOVE the polk-a-dots!!! Now you need a cute retro hair accessory to go with to really rock the beach.
    YA! SO happy for you

  2. I wrote about my swimsuit find last summer.

    I like yours!

  3. Super cute swimsuit!! Good for you for going ahead and getting it!
    I always need a size or two bigger in suits...and who cares! No one sees the size! :)

  4. Very cute swimsuit! I too say you can't judge your size by a swimsuit. They fit differently than clothes and they are just made smaller! I have always LOVED bathing suits until this year! My body is totally different than before. I bought my first tankinis this summer. And the 20 bikinis in my drawer are laughing at me bcause they know I will probably NEVER wear them again:( Wouldn't change it for the world though! However, I got to lose weight NOW!!

  5. Oh, I am totally hearing you! I just shopped for a bathing suit this week too! It was the first one I've shopped for in years. The only other swimsuit I had on hand was a maternity suit.

    I LOVE the suit you found! And, I loved this post!

  6. I LOVE this post ! So funny and so true, totally hate bathing suits and it is really hard to get around wearing them when you have young children!


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