Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Latest Fad....

We saw these on a girl in church awhile back.
They are a new kind of recycled bracelet made from can tops.
Then we learned how to make them and we haven't stopped since.
We have made them for friends, made them for money, made them for yard sales...
And since Daddy wasn't drinking soda fast enough...
We bought the tabs off of ebay!
Maybe a tutorial is in order- stick around for a future post....

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  1. Aren't they itchy? Haven't seen these yet, but I am sure I will. Great way to recycle.

  2. no- oddly enough they are not itchy.
    Just a little tricky with how big you make them, because it slips over your hand. So it has to be wide enough to slip over your hand, but not too dangly on your wrist.
    Some other people make them with a closure, so you don't have to slip it over your wrist.

  3. Hi -- stopping by and following from Friday Follow!

    I love these! Thanks for posting and of course, a tutorial would be great.

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    Dee :D

  4. those are funny! Thanks for stopping by!

    Cara & Jenn

  5. oh and btw...we are following you..!! Follow us back?


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