Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Is it bad that I.....

ordered my own birthday present?

I have been pining away for a piece from the vintage pearl. A good friend suggested I order for my upcoming birthday. (Great idea Gapgirl!!!!) The big 32 is around the corner. And so I just decided to be a little wild and crazy, and while I should have been bathing the kids for church last Saturday night, I spent major time looking over the vintage pearl website and found this beauty. And don't forget the time it took to locate a coupon code- cause ya know this mama does not order anything on line without a coupon code!
If interested, it is the Names On My Heart pendant and I can't wait till it comes.
Also check out the vintage pearl website today for a 20% coupon! Woo Hoo!

Do you think my husband might still get me white chocolate covered strawberries from edible arrangements with the necklace?

How will I ever lose weight?
There's always August.

Which leads me to tomorrow's topic- swimsuits and find out about the one I bought.

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  1. I love the thingies from vintage pearl. I want lots of pretties from there but I must budget my money. Hehe. Happy Birthday.

  2. Oh I am so excited for you and for me now cause I just ordered the circle with birthstones for myself! Thanks for blogging about this today:) I can't wait to get mine now. Don't worry I'm never gonna lose this weight either!!! Happy Birthday!

  3. Cute necklace. I won a similar one from LaBella Jewels which I am waiting for. So exciting. My birthday is the 12th, when is yours? Oh and I bet you'll still get the chocolate covered strawberries :)

  4. I am soo happy you bought it for yourself. You deserve it!!! Its stunning

  5. LOVE it so cute! Happy Birthday :)

  6. Love the birthday present! New follower from Friendly Follow!



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