Monday, July 26, 2010

i am that mom!!!!

First, sorry for any crazy stuff that has been going on with my blog.
I lost my blog background and had to pick up another one. I am waiting for my blog to be re-designed. I think it will be ok until then.

So, I realized a couple of things this past week.
I am that mom....
I realized this yesterday when I was food shopping on 7:30pm at night with all the kids and a lady was starring at my son in the shopping cart (at least he was in one) and she wasn't looking at him cause he's cute--
In his little clutched fist he had a bunch of sale signs that he pulled of the shelf.
I do not like when kids do that.
I would always think, why is that mom letting him do that?
Now that is me.

My kids have been pulling and pushing in clothing stores. The other day I was so tired of it, that I said just above a whisper, "Children- let's remember to be nice to one another and show each other how much we love each other and speak quietly to each other.- Mama's so proud of her little angels".
I even said it without being sarcastic!

A lady looked at me and asked, "Does that really work?"

I said, "No, I just didn't feel like yelling anymore".

We both laughed and actually the kids settled down a little.

I am the mom who has been wearing weird clothes without doing my hair or make-up and running errands.
You know the type- you see her at the store and say to yourself, "I bet she was pretty and then let herself go- how sad!"

Yep, that's me lately.

Since playing softball I have been buying gum for my games, which turns into the kids asking me for gum. I have been giving it to them!
OK- not the littlest- I haven't reached that point yet.
But I just never saw the point of giving gum to little kids- my eldest didn't have gum till she was 6.
What happened to me?

I am starting to realize I am that mom.
The mom that when I only had one, thought parents of many were too lenient or just didn't care for their kids the way I cared for my daughter, but now realized you gotta calm down after awhile.
But I know those new moms are looking at me and thinking, "What is she doing?"

"Does she realize her son is ripping the sale tags off of the shelf?"

I'm ok with it for the most part, but...

If you see me in a store with stir-up pants and a banana clip, please help me...

No offense, if you are wearing stir-up pants and a banana clip as you read this, of course!

Hope your Monday is great!

Just realized this would of made a great not-me- monday post- ha ha - maybe next week.

Oh yeah- so thrilled about the followers- let's see how many days it takes me to get to 200!!!

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  1. When we are out and one of my children have to use the restroom I find myself giving them a piece of gum to chew----it makes them forget till we get home. Never would of done that 3 kids ago. But the alternative to use the public with 7 kids in tow does not sound fun.

  2. Stir ups and banana clips, now that is funny. I hope those don't make there way back in style!

  3. Sigh.... oh Chatty.... stir-up pants and NO make-up?? Expect a phone call soon....

  4. I have to say.....I feel the weight of your realization....I discovered I was "that" mom about a week ago when I was at a store and looked at myself in a mirror and realized I had never changed out of my husband's tee shirt that I slept in! Oops....

  5. Congrats on over 200 followers. I knew you were close and kept coming back to see if you made it! ;o)

  6. LOL! So that was you in the store with the kids with all those signs?! HA! Just kidding! :)
    No, really, I'm that mom too.
    I love going to the store alone and hearing the other parents with screaming kiddos and thinking HA! that's not at least. LOL!

  7. I think Chatty you are way too hard on yourself!! You are an awesome mom- and trust me if I ever see you with stir ups or banana clips- I will be reporting you to a mental institute!! lol xoxo


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