Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to MEeeeeee! and our GIVEAWAY WINNER!

I had a great birthday earlier this week! My hubby bought an ice cream cake from carvel.

It came with an extra container of crunchies which the kids loved!

My best friend left my favorites on my doorstep for a special surprise!

I got beautiful cards from my friends, husband and family. My parents and my grandparents had money in them! Yay!
What to spend it on? Bills, groceries or clothes?

My girlfriend spoiled me and bought me these white chocolate beauties!

I got the necklace I ordered for my birthday from my husband. I love it and wear it everyday and will show a pic soon. But I have to show you the goodies from my kids. The younger ones were left to their own devices with Big sis away at camp. So, I received:

A cross necklace that we got for free at a yard sale 3 years ago and I let my youngest daughter keep in a little blue box she found in her closet.

The bottom of a heart shaped container I gave to my son with a polished rock and some pennies he pulled from his piggie bank.

and let's not forget the paper Christmas tree on the tartan plaid ribbon that my daughter made in church last December.

Were these presents made in haste?
You betcha.
But I am loved and it was a great day!

Oh, yeah and the chance to remind my kids over and over that it is mom's birthday and they need to be good- Priceless!!!

And the winner for The Vintage Pearl Giveaway is:

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Theresa said...
Love the dainty pearl earrings!
Thanks for the link up :)
I agree with you about the dressing of our young girls. I just posted about it on my "Truth for Thursday" post.

July 20, 2010 3:51 PM

Congratulations Theresa! I will be giving The Vintage Pearl your email address so she can send you your gift certificate!

P.S.- Still working on the random. org thing guys. The number it picked was def. 6- just couldn't get the picture up!

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  1. Happy Birthday :) I'm a new follower from Friendly Friday Follow. Sorry I know it's not Fri. yet but I had some free time on my hand tonight. Here is my blog if you get a chance.
    HB again.
    Cheers to you!

  2. Happy happy birthday! Looks like a perfect day, to me. Your friend is lovely leaving you a little surprise on the doorstep like that. I'd quite fancy a bit of that caramel apple dip myself!!!!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! It looks like it was extra sweet. :)

  4. Happy Birthday to youuuuuu! I'm drooling over the apples & caramel dip and those strawberries! Have a great day!

  5. Happy Birthday! Looks like you're having a great time. New follower very early here from the blog hop. I hope you'll come visit and follow my blog too. Can't have too many blogging buddies if you ask me. Smiles.



  7. Priceless! Happy Birthday!!

  8. Happy birthday!

    Hi, I'm a new follower! I'd love to have you visit me at

  9. Happy Birthday! Your cake looks delicious!

    I am your newest follower, following from the Social Parade. Come visit me too when you get a chance.

  10. Awww, happy birthday! I miss Carvel cakes...Following from FF!

  11. Happy Birthday!
    New follower from Social Parade


  12. Happy Birthday Rachel (love Carvel cake!)

    I can't believe I won. I did win, right? I am so excited. Thank you!!!

  13. Happy Birthday.
    Following from Social Parade.

  14. hello, hopping right in this Friday! oh, happy belated birthday! :)

  15. Happy birthday! I'm your newest follower!

  16. Hi! I'm your newest follower from the Friday hops!!! :) Happy Birthday!!! What a sweet day. :)

    Hope you'll come by soon to visit and follow back!
    Lisa xoxo
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