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Etsy August- MandysYellowCorner- {giveaway}

**This contest is now closed. Congratulations Melissa!!!**

Hey- It's Etsy August!!!!
This month, I decided to check out some etsy stores.
Each week, I will interview one etsy shop owner and end with a giveaway!
There are some awesome prizes to be won, but also, the most beautiful handmade products, I have ever seen!

First up is Mandy from MANDY'S YELLOW CORNER!

Mandy's Yellow Corner

"Every girl needs some pretties. . . and I like to make them."

You have to check out Mandy's shop, but I wanted to give you a preview of her beautiful "pretties":
This is the first thing I saw when checking out Mandy's store- I have to have one! The lemonade bib necklace! Love it!

Don't you just adore this morgan zipper clutch?

And her signature piece- the MandyBand- the name is perfect- I can't believe these are handmade!

And they come in all colors!

I am so interested how etsy works and what makes a gal wanna start up, so I asked Mandy some questions:

1. How long have you been selling on etsy?
I first started my shop in February, and it was honestly a flop! I
was experimenting with all sorts of ideas, and I hadn't really found
my niche yet. At the very end of May, the hubs and I moved across the
country and I learned how to crochet to keep me busy in the car.
Somehow, those little crocheted headbands evolved from my
experimenting, and I finally had a good product! I emptied out my
etsy store and uploaded a few MandyBands, and I finally had my first
sale mid-June.

2. What made you start your etsy business?
Ever since I was a child, I have loved to make things out of yarn and fabric.
When I was 11, I made a silly little "catalog " of merchandise that I
could make and tried to get my friends and family to order from me
[I didn't charge anything, but I still had a hard time getting "customers"!].
This past Christmas, my mother in law mentioned the etsy website to
me, and I was intrigued. However, it wasn't until I started blogging
and saw that some lovely blogging ladies also had etsy shops that I
actually got on board with the etsy idea. It's seriously like living
out my childhood fantasy, and I love it!

3. What is something you would like everyone to know about you?
I LOVE Christmas! I count down the days every year like a little kid
and get all giddy when it's approaching. Part of that is that I love
giving presents! It's my favorite thing :]

4. What site do you visit most often on the internet?
When I open a new internet tab on my computer, it actually lists my
most visited sites as suggestions, so I just opened a tab to see :]
As I somewhat suspected, #1 was etsy, followed by facebook and

5. What do you enjoy most in life?
I enjoy so many things! But my faith is the most important part of
my life. Jesus Christ has cleaned my heart, and I am so thankful!
God has also given me a wonderful hubs who is my best friend, and an
adorable little puppy who makes life oh so interesting! And I love
that I get to spend my days crafting. All in all, I could not be
happier :]

6. What is your favorite item in your etsy store?
I think the clutches are my favorite, but I still have yet to make one
for myself! When I do, I want the Lindy clutch [which I think is
currently sold, but I can make more!]
I also just got some lovely jewelry stamping supplies in the mail. . .
I suspect you'll see some of that in my shop soon! And I adore
hand-stamped jewelry, so let's go ahead and call it a favorite!
Mandy, I think your great and I love your answers .... and I think you make a great model for your store.
Now, for the giveaway!
One winner will win a $20 credit to shop at MandysYellowCorner.
Everyone can have 15% off right now if you mention "thechattymommy" in the note to seller.
Here are the rules:
You must be a follower of The Chatty Mommy and you must visit MandysYellowCorner and tell me what you would order if you won!- mandatory
Extra Entries:
2- Become a follower of Mandy's Yellow Corner Blog and comment her.
2- Choose MandysYellowCorner as a favorite on etsy.
5- Blog about it and give me the link!
**Important- Please leave a separate comment for each entry. For exmaple, if you have 1 mandatory entry and then 4 extra entries, please leave 5 comments. This makes using easier!**
Good Luck!
The contest will end on Sunday morning at 9 am EST and a winner will be picked by!

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**I was not compensated in any way for this contest**


  1. I am a follower!!! I LOVE the Sofia clutch, so I would be interested in that and im not sure what else. I LOVE everything. I have been watching tutorials a lot this past week or so. Im determined to make me some crochet flowers to adorn my winter cardigans. They are so cute. Count me in on this giveaway!!!

  2. Love, love the Mandyband. They are elegant enough for a grown up. A lot of headbands make you look like they were made for a little kid.

  3. I want the mandyband ebony!! :)(and I'm a follower) :)

  4. Hi there!
    1. I just became a follower of yours. :) And I would LOVE Mandy's Red Rosette Statement Necklace, a Blue Embellishment Flower, and a Purple Embellishment Flower. :)

    2. I am already a follower of Mandy's and have commented on her blog.

    3. And I made Mandy's Shop one of my favorites on Etsy. :)

  5. Can I only pick one??? :)

    My favorites from Mandy's shop are the Dusky Rose Rosette Bib Necklace and the Sophia Zipper Clutch. I really want to buy either of the aprons but I have made a promise to myself to learn how to make those!

    I'm also a follower of Mandy's and have commented on her and she's favorited on etsy (through my etsy account OHMen Jewelry).

  6. Sooo Cute- I totally love the Mandy band- baby- in purple- it would look just beautiful on my baby girl!!!
    -I am now a follower of hers
    -I did leave her a comment
    -and I did add her to my favorites!
    I hope that's all the right info to try and win!!! otherwise I will have to buy one!! :)Unless of course GapGirl wants to crochet one for me!! lol :)

  7. Follow your blog and love the Dusky Rose - Rosette Bib Necklace. omydarlingblog(at)gmail(dot)com

  8. Already hearted her shop @melissa0785: entry 1

  9. Already hearted her shop @melissa0785: entry 2

  10. I'd have to say I was so torn, but I'd love to win one of the mandyband headbands in yellow. They are too cute!

  11. I did add Mandy as one of my favorites- but did not blog about her because I do not have my own blog

  12. I am a follower of your cute blog. :) thanks for a great giveaway!

    and also i love the necklaces! super cute!

  13. now following mandy's blog :)

  14. added her etsy store to one of my favs

  15. left mandy a comment on her blog :)

  16. I follow your blog & I am having a hard time choosing between the Madeline & the Ava clutches! Both so cute!! @ gmail

  17. Following Mandy's blog. x1

  18. Following Mandy's blog. x2

  19. Posted about your giveaway here (since I don't have a personal blog...I share one with my family; but I figured this forum gets much more traffic than my family blog!):

  20. **This contest is now closed. Stay tuned for the winner after church!!!***


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