Friday, July 9, 2010

Blue Bunnies and the Friday Follow

I recently had a conversation with my son about things for school and it went a little something like this:

Me- Son, what kind of backpack would you like for school next year? Super heroes?
Toy Story? (Me secretly hoping for toy story)

Son- I dunno know, mom. Mom?

Me- Yeah?

Son- Ya know what I really like, Mom?

Me- What son?

Son- Bunnies.

Me- (Thinking of Home Alone where the kid tries to tell his mom that a kid in his school got beat up for having bunny pjs- my son can't walk into school with a bunny lunch box....can he?) Oh yeah, son?

Son- Yeah, I really like blue bunnies- they are my favorite. (We recently just got his blue bunny from when he was a baby from the basement)

Me- Ya know, I think it might be hard to find a lunch bag with blue bunnies on it.

Son- Ok, superheroes then. (son runs off)

Me- (Crisis averted)

Just had to share that. I told a teenage boy at church and he couldn't stop laughing- but then again he was a teenage boy and who knows what they will find funny.

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Happy Friday!
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  1. Funny, very funny and very sweet. Blue bunnies to superheros! Visiting from NFF and a new follower-

  2. New Follower from Friday Follow. Love the blue bunnies, kids are so great. Happy Friday!

  3. Cute story!! :) I'm your newest follower.....hope you have a great Friday!

  4. That was really cute! My son on the other think it's hilarious to run around in my bra. Should I be concerned? LOL! Just became a follower from Friday Follow. Have a great weekend!

  5. I'm a new follower from the Friday Social Parade. Your post for Friday warmed my heart. My favorite stuffed animal as a kid was a blue bunny. Kids, you gotta cherish these moments because in a few more years, he'll know it's not cool to like blue bunnies. Why do kids have to grow up?

  6. I'm your newest follower. Please follow me back at


    <3 Jess

  7. LOL I have a similar convo.
    New follower from FF

  8. Stopping by from NFF to say hi.
    Have a great day!

  9. So cute!
    Found you via NFF. I'm adding you to my reader now. :)
    You have some great posts and I love that bathing suit that you got! I need to get a new one too. Yikes!
    Happy Friday to you!

  10. Happy Friday! =)

    Am a new follower!

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  12. Hop hop hopping along! Glad to visit your blog! Hope you can visit me at 3 jewels. Looking for lucky #100. Currently at 98 :)

  13. Whew! Glad that crisis was averted :) I can see myself doing the same thing! I am following you now from a Friday blog hop!

    Just went to check out your giveaway, and though I can't enter myself because I've already won so many CSN giveaways that I feel bad, would you like me to enter it tomorrow in my Low Entry Lowdown? I list different low entry giveaways from several blogs, and it could help you get lots more entries. A CSN gc is a great giveaway, so I'd be happy to help other ppl find out about it!

    Hope you'll stop by and follow me back!

    Ten Talents...

  14. thanks for hopping with me ;) have a great weekend

  15. Following you back! thanks for the follow!

  16. Hello!

    I am a little late from Friday Follow, but wanted to let you know I am now Following YOU! Great blog, I can't wait to read ore!

    Plz take a look and follow back at



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