Monday, June 7, 2010

Come and See My 7 Quart Beauty!!

Sorry ladies, but I must share that I won yet another giveaway!!! Have I mentioned how much I love giveaways?
I won a $40 gift certificate to CSN stores from Thirty-One Gifts With Janice!!
I have had a list on my fridge of things I need 4-eva!!!! (a little old school spelling for you)
I expected to complete this list with tax money, but you know how fast that goes....
I really needed a crock pot that is big! My current one is from the early eighties (thanks mom) and is just too small.
When I won- I was so surprised. I got an email saying CSN winner and I thought it was just going to tell me who won- never thinking I won, but low and behold- my $39.99 with free shipping crock pot is on his way!!!

Woo hoo!
Got any good recipes?

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  1. Wow! Cool! No ideas for you, I suck at!

    Since you stop by my blog from time to time, I wanted to let you know that I wrote a guest post for "Three Girls and Our Guy" today, and I thought you might find it interesting! And maybe you'd leave a comment?! :o)

    Thanks. Here's the link!

  2. So jealous! My crockpot is cracking. How fun!
    I have lots of yummy crocpot recipes. Even one for crockpot chocolate cake. So yummy!

  3. NICE!!! I love big crockpots. Congrats!!!

  4. WOW-- I can't believe that you won one. I LOVE crock pot cooking. LOVE it! Congratulations!


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