Monday, June 28, 2010

Chatty Mommy Happenings

Our church's VBS (vacation bible school) is in full swing. We have it from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 12 noon. I teach one of my middles' classes. It is fun and tiring!!! The kids look forward to it all year and then are surprised it is only a week long. But the work that goes into the week is amazing.

I am making playdates galore as the kids all want to get to their friends' houses and have their friends here too.
It gets to be hard when kids come here in the dead of summer because we do not have a pool, but Daddy will be pulling up the kiddie pool soon and they will make do. And hey, we have AC. I didn't have AC growing up!!

Already feeling like the summer is going too fast. We are behind in our bible reading(the Pastor at the kids' school said if they read the New Testament or have it read to them, they can have Fridays as dress down), in our review and in my teaching of the youngest going to school in September.

Very excited Nana gave Walmart gift cards for the 3 kids going into school for school supplies and any incidentals they might need. I have all I can do not to run there and buy everything they could possibly need! I will wait for the school supply sales though.
Thanks NANA!

Hopefully, I will have some more interesting things to write about soon. I am exhausted from teaching and all I can think, is how do teachers and homeschooling Mamas do it?

Oh and before I go, did I mention that I have softball practice in this hot, humid weather?
Just got to think... losing more weight in the heat..losing more weight in the heat...

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  1. Love the giftcards! They come in so handy when the time to get school supplies comes around. That stuff adds up!

    I've got to think that same thing when I'm out in the hot humid sun. Love it!


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