Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Where Is Your Money Going?

I just read Traveling Light's blog. She speaks about money that we give to charities or even through purchases that is earmarked for funding abortions. She has recently received factual information that her favorite charity does this and in investigating she has found how many companies do as well.
I found it sad. But at the same time, what do we do?
Do we, as Christians, boycott these products, services and charities?
I am mixed on this and I do not like to be grey. I am either black or white on issues. But this is a hard decision because with this decision comes action and are we really prepared to take action?
Read her blog and let me know what you think.

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  1. Been getting interesting comments. I look forward to seeing what your readers say, too.

  2. The charities we donate to are only local.......
    Have a Great Day!!

  3. I won't donate to charities that support abortion. I simply find alternative charities that do the same work and value ALL human life. Good example, Susan G. Komen gives $ to planned parenthood, so I won't give to them. Save the Ta-ta's also gives $ to Planned Parenthood, but specifically says NOT for abortion. They get my $.


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