Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Five- Dig Deep Baby

Thought I would take a stab at the Thursday Five with Mannland again.
It has been a busy week, but there is always things we can be thankful and happy about, even if we have to dig deep, baby.

I am HAPPY that I have some new followers. I get so excited when I see more people have joined on.

I am JOYFUL because summer is right around the corner. This means beach, sun, ice cream and heat!! And no buying oil for the house!!!

I am EXCITED that the kids are almost off from school!!!! They only have 2 more weeks! We can't wait to have an easier schedule and play and no homework and no packed lunches and no school clothes and no backpacks and no bus and no tests and no book fairs and no money for field trips....
I can't wait and the kids are counting down the seconds.

I am JUBILANT because we are having a yard sale tomorrow and Saturday and the forecast looks good and I am hoping to sell a lot of clutter and make a lot of money!!!

I am GRATEFUL because my baby seems to be feeling better after high fever last night. Hoping it is just because it was so hot last night and the air conditioners are still not in yet. But also grateful that it is cooler today.

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  1. Oh no.. praying for your baby

  2. Good luck on the garage sale. I feel you on the can't wait for summer thing.

    Hope your baby feels better soon.

  3. It was so hot here on LI yesterday. I had the AC going and it was still really hot. Today seeems much better.

  4. I am glad your baby is feeling better. I hope you make a fortune tomorrow.
    I miss garage sales. We aren't allowed in our neighborhood. Bummer.

  5. Glad the baby is better.. And good luck with the yard sale!


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