Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday 5

Trying a new thing this week. A link up type thing. You can read about it at the host's site. Just click on her button.

Without further ado...
I am HAPPY because our church women's softball team is doing better than any of us expected.
I am THRILLED because my son is learning his letters fast and enjoys learning.
I am JUBLIANT because we have had some real nice weather even if it means I have to get all the warm weather clothes out of the basement.
I am ECSTATIC because school is almost over and me and the kids can hit the beach!
I am ELATED because I got my braces off and I love my teeth!!!! More pics to come!

Have a great day!!!

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  1. Stopping by for Thursday 5! Yay for summer coming! I am so ready for school to be out, too!

  2. I am SO SO looking forward to school being out..I'm more excited than my kids!

    Thanks for playing and linking up!! :-)

    Happy Happy Thursday!

  3. I am terribly jealous of you getting your braces off big sis!! btw if you didn't get the big sis part its amanda (: check out the blog haaa

  4. Stopping by from Thursday Five, I'm a teacher and I can't wait for summer either! :)

  5. I too am counting the seconds till summer....


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