Sunday, May 2, 2010

Messy Room Makeover

The girls share a room, that is actually 2 smaller rooms attached. The front room is where they sleep and have their clothes. The back room is a playroom of sorts.
Both rooms are always messy, but I have been trying to stress the importance of keeping at least the front room clean. I have to constantly be on their cases about it.
This is the results from this weekend's mess clean-up:

I love when their room is clean- now to try and keep it like that is a whole other story.
And their playroom still needs some serious attention!!!!

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  1. I LOVE their room. Its so pink and girly!!! I can't wait to find out what im having so I can finally pick out paint colors.... your girls are very blessed

  2. thanks for dropping by y blog. Lov ethe hardwood floors...who knew they were even down there! :O)

  3. Their room is so pretty! Yall did a great job! I wish I could come over and let my little girls play with them in all the cool looking toys!


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