Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!! Look what I got......

I have the best kids ever. I had a great mother's day!!!! How about you? My middles made me some of the best artwork ever and even helped out.... a little. And my oldest- well she just takes the cake.
Let me preface this for you.....
I love a certain online jewelry company and I stalk her website waiting for giveaways. If you are wondering who.. I'll never tell. Only kidding. It is!
She has the most beautiful pieces that can of course, be personalized with the kids' names. I have stopped myself on more than one occasion from buying something, just because I am ever striving towards being a better steward of my money (I know- yada yada- I might ask for something for my b-day)- but the other day (while stalking) I saw the most beautiful pearl earrings. They were dainty and pretty, maybe not exactly me, but beautiful. I thought maybe just maybe I would indulge (on that last word- I hear Beth Moore does a whole study on indulging). But I thought better of it and moved on.

So, imagine my surprise when my daughter presented me with the most beautiful, dainty, pearl earrings that she made herself!!!

Now, I do not know about your house, but I usually might have an inkling as to what the kids are planning. But I had no idea and she did not know about the vintage pearl or what I was thinking about.

The earrings are beautiful and she presented them in a heart shaped box and I hope I never lose them, so I never forget this day and I do lose things, so I will have to be careful.

This day was so great, I almost forgot that my youngest seems to be coming down with something and my favorite elder at church thought I might be prego- and I am so not.

Happy Mother's Day and let's be honest- Now we will just start planning Father's Day.

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