Saturday, May 22, 2010

Anti-Facebook Part 2

I know many are not a fan of these posts against facebook, but I just had to add one more. I wrote this one in February.
Recently while out with friends, my husband's friend shared with us that he personally knew of 2 marriages that have broken up because of Facebook. I have also heard some people go on Facebook and decide their old ex-flame from high school might be a better match than their current spouse.
Then I read the following "Dear Amy" letter from our major newspaper on Long Island.
I wanted to share it with you. It is from the March 5, 2010 Newsday. It reads:

Dear Amy,
I have a nagging romantic fantasy that I can't get rid of. Twenty years ago I had a huge crush on a male friend in college. Just when I thought we might get together, he went away for the summer and met his future wife. I felt I had lost my first true love. We moved to different states and kept in touch for a few years (a couple of times a year). I have been happily married for almost 14 years. Over the years, I've wondered what might have happened with this other guy, but I let it go - until Facebook entered the picture. I got caught up reconnecting with friends from high school and college, and sure enough, he was in the mix (we have lots of mutual friends). I was so excited to look at his photos. Now I find myself having periodic dreams about him. In the dreams (as in real life), we are friends but are never romantic. I have worried that this isn't good for my marriage. I feel it's kind of like emotional adultery. I tried "hiding" from my friend on Facebook, but I see his comments on other friends' post anyway. If I drop him as a friend, I feel as if I would need to explain why, and he knows nothing of this. My husband doesn't know he exists. What should I do?

Ahh Confused- where should I begin?
1. Get off Facebook- not really working for you
2. Get someone to talk to other than Dear Amy- how about the Lord?
3. Get off Facebook!!!!

Dear Amy wrote some mumbo jumbo about her own crush on Donny Osmond (why does everyone about 50, love the Donster?) and then to make a choice to "grow up" and "unfriend" this person on Facebook and recommit herself to her husband.

I thought everything she said was pretty sound, but I honestly feel bad for "Confused" and just wanted to share this, so people take a little more time to think before actively "Facebooking".

Have a Great Weekend!

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  1. Well said. I think one of the tricks of the enemy is to make us think we missed out on something. Anything to take our focus off of loving our husbands. If all that time and energy was spent on her current marriage how happy she might be.

  2. We have an account and never hardly use it. I AGREE with you. If God took the person out of your life some time ago maybe it was for a good reason.


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