Monday, April 5, 2010

What I Spent On Easter....

So, I have been away from the blog world for awhile- no specific reason. The girls had off from school, the weather has been beautiful and Easter preparations took up my time.
I am back with so much to share.
For today- see how I did with Easter shopping.

5 baskets (4 kids- 1 husband)

#1The Husband
5 Hersheys bars @ .50 each $2.50
1 jar peanut butter $1.88
2 small bags jelly belly $2.00

#2 Oldest Daughter
1 pair Justice flip flops $6.50
1 pair Justice earrings .59
1 Justice necklace .59
1 small bag jelly belly $1.00
1 lip balm $1.00
1 wh. choc. cross $1.00

#3 Second Daughter
1 my little pony $6.50
1 bag special erasers $4.00
1 lip balm $1.00
1 small bag jelly belly $1.00
1 wh. choc cross $1.00

#4 First Son
1 Mickey puzzle $1.00
1 coloring book $1.00
1 box crayons .50
1 box number cards $1.00
1 small bag jelly belly $1.00
1 choc cross $1.00
1 pair matchbox sunglasses $3.50

#5 Second Son
1 coloring book $1.00
1 box crayons .50
1 big bottle bubbles $1.00
1 pair thomas sunglasses $3.50
1 small bag jelly belly $1.00
1 toy on kohls clearance $2.59

two bags name brand chocolate @ 2.99 each= $6.00
1 wh. choc. cross I orignally bought for son #2, but had a moment of weakness and ate it, which was a shame because it was not that good. = $1.00

I had cellophane already - I bought a giant roll of clear over the summer for a gift and I reuse little bins as baskets every year. And I use colored tissue paper for the bottoms (easter grass drives me crazy!) and ribbon I already had.
So, grand total equals $56.15 for 5 baskets.
I guess not that bad, but next year I will do better. Maybe less name brand candy (like individual bags of jelly bellys).
Also, I noticed the more I was in the store this Easter, the more I remembered I "needed" other stuff and spent more money on those non-essential things.
I will do better next year!!!! Thank God for Dollar Tree!

Tomorrow- Wait till you hear what happened to my husband's car!

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  1. Pretty Good.

    I spent $32 on a Family Basket...7 pairs of flip flops, 7 hollow bunnies, 7 peanutbutter eggs, and 1 bag of grass.

    *Plus*, we bought wheat grass and our flower pot/lids for our Calvary Hill, and 3 bags of WalMart JellyBeans (very gross, wish I'd spent the extra on JellyBelly)...

    Everyone was happy. No one mentioned the bunny...

    Did you end up doing Resurrection Eggs?


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