Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dentist Visits

Well, I took the middles to the dentist for their 6 month cleanings. I appreciate staying on top of our visits, but it seems like we are always going. Since I had the 2 trouble makers, I asked my eldest to watch the youngest while Dad "supervised" (watched TV and yelled once in awhile-lol, long day at work- you know the drill).
We prayed and even brushed a little longer before the visit and lo and behold- NO CAVITIES. This is quite a feat as one of the middles has a handful of fillings- not the Novocaine type, but a cavity is a cavity.
So while I pretend that I help brush their teeth and check them regularly and that I am a good mom, we all know I yell at them to brush their own and I sometimes let them go to bed instead of brushing because they are so tired. And of course, I hold my head high walking out of the office, because my kids have no cavities! And why would they, I am a good mom, right?
We start walking out, and my son is holding his "goody" bag and pulls out the toothpaste, and asks in front of both the hygienist and the Dentist himself, "Hey, mom, what is this stuff?"
So busted!!!!!
Me, the great mom with a kid who can't identify toothpaste. Definitely going to do better with the next 6 months, right?
I'll just go back to praying- hey, it worked this time, right?

If you need a dentist and live on the island, check out, BELLA SMILES. They are the best!

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  1. LOL No cavities? You are an EXCELLENT mom!!

  2. Hey- there has been plenty of times when we have had cavities!!! I feel you- how is your son?


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