Friday, April 30, 2010


Hello My Friends!
Few as you may be... I have seen a decline in readership. most likely due to lack of bloggage! So sorry.
But this week has been crazy.... I am sure you can relate!
This week I:
Joined Church softball (so much fun)
Went to 2nd weight watchers meeting
Still painting tree house
took son to a kindergarten evaluation
and a thousand other things.

Now in the week ahead, I will:
keep working out with my Power90 dvds, as well as play softball in my continuing efforts to lose weight.
Try to work with my son more, to get him where he needs to be for kindergarten
Switch the winter clothes out for the kids' summer clothes
and try to put some stuff on ebay.

This week on my blog, I will:
Show the much anticipated stuff I won.
show some cleaning "projects"
and tell you about decisions that have been made about school.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and gets their share of the beautiful weather!

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