Friday, April 30, 2010


Hello My Friends!
Few as you may be... I have seen a decline in readership. most likely due to lack of bloggage! So sorry.
But this week has been crazy.... I am sure you can relate!
This week I:
Joined Church softball (so much fun)
Went to 2nd weight watchers meeting
Still painting tree house
took son to a kindergarten evaluation
and a thousand other things.

Now in the week ahead, I will:
keep working out with my Power90 dvds, as well as play softball in my continuing efforts to lose weight.
Try to work with my son more, to get him where he needs to be for kindergarten
Switch the winter clothes out for the kids' summer clothes
and try to put some stuff on ebay.

This week on my blog, I will:
Show the much anticipated stuff I won.
show some cleaning "projects"
and tell you about decisions that have been made about school.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and gets their share of the beautiful weather!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dentist Visits

Well, I took the middles to the dentist for their 6 month cleanings. I appreciate staying on top of our visits, but it seems like we are always going. Since I had the 2 trouble makers, I asked my eldest to watch the youngest while Dad "supervised" (watched TV and yelled once in awhile-lol, long day at work- you know the drill).
We prayed and even brushed a little longer before the visit and lo and behold- NO CAVITIES. This is quite a feat as one of the middles has a handful of fillings- not the Novocaine type, but a cavity is a cavity.
So while I pretend that I help brush their teeth and check them regularly and that I am a good mom, we all know I yell at them to brush their own and I sometimes let them go to bed instead of brushing because they are so tired. And of course, I hold my head high walking out of the office, because my kids have no cavities! And why would they, I am a good mom, right?
We start walking out, and my son is holding his "goody" bag and pulls out the toothpaste, and asks in front of both the hygienist and the Dentist himself, "Hey, mom, what is this stuff?"
So busted!!!!!
Me, the great mom with a kid who can't identify toothpaste. Definitely going to do better with the next 6 months, right?
I'll just go back to praying- hey, it worked this time, right?

If you need a dentist and live on the island, check out, BELLA SMILES. They are the best!

Tomorrow- Check out the giveaway I won!!!

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another Hit To the Car

Well, this is my husband's car after it was hit late Saturday night by some teens who thought it might be fun to throw huge things of cement at passing cars. Thank God my husband stayed in his car and drove down aways and called 911.

At the same time they cracked his windshield, they blew out his passenger window as well.

And they gashed the side of the car.

All in all the teens hit 14 cars and a cop car that night!!!!!
And of course, the perps are still out there and have not been caught.
This after my husband lost his other car because a woman rear-ended him as I told you here.
So, we paid $315 to replace both windows and will live with the gash. And hey, who needed extra money in a bank account anyway?
If you know who did it, email me anonymously. I would offer a reward, but we are all out over here!
Oh yeah, and let's not forget to pray for those poor boys' souls (wink, wink)!

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Monday, April 5, 2010

What I Spent On Easter....

So, I have been away from the blog world for awhile- no specific reason. The girls had off from school, the weather has been beautiful and Easter preparations took up my time.
I am back with so much to share.
For today- see how I did with Easter shopping.

5 baskets (4 kids- 1 husband)

#1The Husband
5 Hersheys bars @ .50 each $2.50
1 jar peanut butter $1.88
2 small bags jelly belly $2.00

#2 Oldest Daughter
1 pair Justice flip flops $6.50
1 pair Justice earrings .59
1 Justice necklace .59
1 small bag jelly belly $1.00
1 lip balm $1.00
1 wh. choc. cross $1.00

#3 Second Daughter
1 my little pony $6.50
1 bag special erasers $4.00
1 lip balm $1.00
1 small bag jelly belly $1.00
1 wh. choc cross $1.00

#4 First Son
1 Mickey puzzle $1.00
1 coloring book $1.00
1 box crayons .50
1 box number cards $1.00
1 small bag jelly belly $1.00
1 choc cross $1.00
1 pair matchbox sunglasses $3.50

#5 Second Son
1 coloring book $1.00
1 box crayons .50
1 big bottle bubbles $1.00
1 pair thomas sunglasses $3.50
1 small bag jelly belly $1.00
1 toy on kohls clearance $2.59

two bags name brand chocolate @ 2.99 each= $6.00
1 wh. choc. cross I orignally bought for son #2, but had a moment of weakness and ate it, which was a shame because it was not that good. = $1.00

I had cellophane already - I bought a giant roll of clear over the summer for a gift and I reuse little bins as baskets every year. And I use colored tissue paper for the bottoms (easter grass drives me crazy!) and ribbon I already had.
So, grand total equals $56.15 for 5 baskets.
I guess not that bad, but next year I will do better. Maybe less name brand candy (like individual bags of jelly bellys).
Also, I noticed the more I was in the store this Easter, the more I remembered I "needed" other stuff and spent more money on those non-essential things.
I will do better next year!!!! Thank God for Dollar Tree!

Tomorrow- Wait till you hear what happened to my husband's car!

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