Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Very Best Favorites

My Favs-
Taco Bell
Clean Notebook Paper
Mom Jeans
Sunday School
When your 2 year old says, "I wuv u"
$10 co-pay for a doctor giving me piece of mind
the kids' dinner prayers
Eating the kids leftovers in hiding (woops- gotta stop that one)
kids who clean their own rooms
kids who clean their own rooms without being told
kids who have not learned to climb out of the crib yet
Easter outfits that we already have
the husband allowing me to explain what the quiverfull movement and actually getting it
new blogging friends
sunny days
no snow
Christian romance novels
Anne of Green Gables
my oldest's laughter
crock pot cooking
forgiving velour sweatsuits
Amazing Race
my big, little brother
my beautiful, little sister
my husbands' jokes
having a great life

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