Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Taking things for Granted

So, I am still a little down. We had a peek of good weather and I was feeling good and then the rain came, the boys have allergies and the husband is not giving me a definite answer about homeschooling. I am trying to be patient, but it is driving me crazy.
But, I tell myself, I am blessed to be married to a hardworking husband, blessed to be at home, blessed to have generally healthy kids who are great and I get to have all of this and be blessed to live in America.
Women in our Sunday School class(Lies Women Believe- awesome book!) got on the topic of having too much and even though we have so much, we have nothing. One woman said she had visited 3rd world countries where people had the Lord and nothing else. She said they had amazing faith and did everything they could to save their money to move here, thinking we had a better life, because of all our "stuff".
The women cried and nicely told the people that we want what they have.
Why do they have it?
They can be closer to God without anything separating them. They do not have the material objects, the vehicles, the television, the clothes, the gadgets that somehow we let take up our time and our eyes off of the Lord.

Tomorrow I will share how a Haitian woman in our class decided to dramatically change her life and her childrens.

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  1. Just this week,doing my spring cleaning came to the same conclusion.All the stuff we have makes us further from God.If we had less ,we would have more time for him.
    I have decided nice time to simplify!Going to try to get rid of many things!
    Your in my prayers about the homeschooling.It is harder for the men to come to it.It was for my husband anyway.Now he wouldn't have it any other way!God bless, Marla


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