Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Kids are Starving in Other Countries"

The title reflects something I know I say to my kids a lot. Growing up I used to here- "Kids are starving in Ethiopia" and my mother-in-law is always saying her dad said, "Kids are starving in Biafra". I never even heard of Biafra- I just googled it and learned it is next to Nigeria.
I don't even want to think about what else they did not teach me in the public school I went to- but I digress.
The point is we or our parents or our parents' parents are always talking about wasting, but we still do it. We put too much on our kids' plates (whole other obesity issue there) and we make too much and no one wants leftovers. Waste.
I read MckMama's blog sometimes, as I am sure a lot of you do as well.
I am usually just a lurker- a little envious on how she has so many followers, but today her blog really touched me.
She is in Kenya with her husband and she described what she is seeing. I read this after I dumped old potato salad that I had made way too much of and basically wasted.

Well, Mckmama's words got to me. You can read her post here.
I have been thinking more about how much my family spends on things and have been cutting back as much as possible.
But are we doing enough?
And as always, "What am I teaching my kids?"

Tomorrow- Do you want to see my Braceface?......


  1. Ugh, this bothers me all the time... so much waste....

  2. I have overused the whole "there are starving children in fayetteville-cincinnati-the boro (places we've lived)" so it doesn't quite have the impact I'd like...or so I thought.

    My oldest son got into a very bad habit of complaining of his lunch(made by his 2 older sisters) and I sat him down one afternoon, to talk about being thankful to God for his food and to his sisters for making it, and he said through teary eyes and a choked-up voice, "I know Mom, there's kids down the street who aren't even getting lunch..." Ahhh, yes, they *are* listening.

    As for the waste...we're trying very hard. Thanks for the reminder. Maybe, just maybe I'll check out McMamma...

    Good post!

  3. Such a great point to consider - we teach our children so much EVERY DAY by the way we live, what we buy, what we use, what we waste ... and on and on. Sometimes I really think that teaching them to be happy with less is an invaluable gift that we could give them ... it seems to me like a curse of bondage to think we need so much ... such a vicious cycle, too. Ever notice how what we buy often needs us to spend even MORE money to maintain it? Rarely do we ever make a purchase and the cost stops there... sorry to ramble .. this is just on my mind a lot these days, esp. as the mother of the home, I seem to be the one doing all the maintaining!


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