Friday, March 19, 2010

Homeschooling Anyone?

We are considering homeschooling the kids. I feel the Lord calling us. I came across this picture of a field trip to a one room schoolhouse. Ahhh simple times!

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  1. I LOVE Homeschooling too. And since I never got around to emailing you...

    No, we have not always homeschooled. Our girls went to PS for quite a few years. Kylie until 5th, and Korinne until 3rd. But, we took them out, put them in, and took them out again. Not an easy decision for us either. But one we're now happy with, after almost 2 continuous years HSing.

    What curriculum are you considering? My best advice would be to use one that to teach as many subjects together as a family as you can. We use My Father's World (I also like Sonlight, Winter Promise and Tapestry of Grace). The BEST thing I've done is find out all I can about Charlotte Mason. Karen Andreola's Book, Charlotte Mason Companion helped me a lot. We only have to break up for Language Arts and Math. Saves a ton of time/work, and I get to learn WITH the kids...since I either didn't get a good education or (as my parents put it "didn't apply myself to my good education"). They still ask from time to time when we're going to put the kids back in PS. But they also still ask with each Baby, if it's the last one :) We've learned to deal, and they admit they see a difference in our children.
    You can email whenever you want about all this, just keep in mind, I am NOT a HS Veteran, still pretty much a Newbie.

    Talk to you soon.
    mommy24baileys at gmail dot com

  2. Well, you'll only get encouragement from me regarding homeschooling! I'm finishing my eleventh year! While it's not MY decision to figure out what's best for everyone, I love to be used of the Lord when He's already working on you toward this endeavor!

    Homeschooling, however, comes with many warnings you should be aware of:

    * don't expect perfection, it won't happen;
    * days will be difficult, especially since your children have been educated elsewhere previously;
    * your home will be very "lived in" at all times, we use all corners of ours;
    * your children may miss some elements of what they had at their school, create new "experiences" at home;
    * there is no painless option when it comes to educating children, I just happen to think homeschooling is the lesser of three evils;
    * before you feel overwhelmed, consider what the Lord desires for your day;
    * it's impossible to bring the "classroom" home, ask the Lord how He would set up your learning area, your curriculum, your schedule;
    * and, as my husband says, the worst day homeschooling is better than a good day in public school (he's worked in public schools for 17 years!).

    I applaud your effort to even be considering such a venture. I know many who simply won't think about it. Homeschooling is not my very favorite thing to do! I do it out of obedience to the Lord. And, in this obedience, blessings have abounded that simply take my breath away. This journey of homeschooling, I believe, causes you to discover a deeper level of trust in the Lord and what He will do in your children. It is a fact, we mothers can't do it all. Other areas of responsibility may not measure up to what you're used to, allow that to happen with a joyful attitude. God wants to be Lord of ALL you do!

    Excitement is what I feel for you! Once you get through the muck and mire of "de-programming" what you're all used to, just be prepared for what the Lord has in store! He will bless each of you in ways too delightful to put into words! You go girl!!

    Lovingly, The Fullhousemama

    P.S. Thank you for the comments on my sweet Sarah's birthday! That was a gift! :)

  3. Anyone whose read my blog knows my ups and downs this first year of homeschooling, but I can say without a doubt that it is the best decision I've ever made. Of course, I didn't make the decision, God called me to it! My children are blossoming, our family is stronger, life is calmer and it is so much easier to put God in the forefront of everything we do. I don't spend hours un-doing what they learned in public school from children whose parents allow them to do things I do not allow and from curriculums that teach things we don't believe in. I spend more time training them in the way they should go and less time running referee between them and the world. Life is simpler.

    I'll be praying for God to make the way for you to follow His calling. *hugs* !

  4. Love the picture!! We homeschool and we love it. Not every day is easy but every day is memorable.

  5. I was just browsing around blogs and decide to look at yours and there it was, "Homeschooling Anyone?". Wow, this has been on my heart lately for our family to begin this, but who knows when and how. The Lord has a plan and I will wait and listen. Praying for your endeavors with homeschooling.

  6. Oh I hope you try this way of life.I have never had any regret's.I love homeschooling.When we decided to homeschool,I prayed and prayed.
    The Lord does call you to homeschool.Not everyone is willing to listen.You are in my prayers.

  7. I'll be praying for you guys that God opens that door for you and shows you His will. I'm scared out of my mind, but I'm excited too. We've pretty much made up our minds that we are going to do it. I agree to about "homeschool movement". Things are getting so bad, we may have no other choice.

  8. I think homeschooling is amazing! [My parents decided to homeschool their children, and I think that that was a great decision for our family]. Have you decided?


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