Thursday, March 18, 2010

Easter Baskets

So, I have been thinking of Easter and the whole basket thing. I vacillate on this so much every year and every year I do something different. Sometimes only a bible, sometimes small toys and candy- sometimes just too much!
Rules I set for this year:
-I am writing a list of exactly what I need before I enter the store.
-I will not make multiple trips- I buy too much this way.
-I will not shop with any of my children- not even the youngest. I lose concentration.
-Possibly 1 thing for around $7 each and some candy.
-Limit the candy- I put it up in the cabinet and they forget about it and I throw it out sometime in the summer. Waste!
-I will not take any requests.

Ok- now it is written down- I will stick to it.
My older kids tell me how kids get games for their Ds's in their baskets and it is like a second Christmas.
Are we kidding?
Maybe I should get a Easter club along with the Christmas club to help save for Easter baskets.
Mark my words- It will happen.
Do you think God envisioned giant Easter baskets when He sent His one and only son to die on the cross for us and then rise again?
He died for our sins- what is me overspending on candy and junky toys that are all thrown out?
I said it- no judgement- just laughing at my previous transgressions.
Not this year.
Not this year.

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  1. So true... I just saw someone who had a visit from the leprechaun with some treats left for their kid. I was like... are you KIDDING me!!!! ANOTHER commercialized holiday. This is way outta hand! Im glad im not the only one trying to put things in perspective. =)
    Oh yeah... boys name is kept silent until birth ;)

  2. We're pretty simple...but it's hard not to use the Gift Giving Holidays to stock the kiddos up on Flip Flops, Socks, Undies, Jams, Hairbows...but you're right, We should stop using these Holy Days for these REasons.

  3. I SO hear you!! I always get in trouble when I make multiple trips, forgetting exactly what I already bought ... I then sit to put everything together and realize, "whoa, way too much!"

    I have decided to stick to simple for this Easter, as well. We just HAVE to and it ends up better anyway. We always seem to have too much candy in the house anyway.

  4. Leprechaun!?!! My reaction was exactly the same when I read that..... You must be KIDDING me!!

    Good luck keeping it simple. It can be a struggle. Definately simple here this year. We will all get a new nice outfit that will be worn on Easter Sunday and then will have use throughout the year. No candy, no toys, no gifts. The boys have been warned already and they handled it well. This is another Holyday I've been weaning the commercialism out of for a few years now. It's a hard transition but so much easier to focus on the REAL reason for it when we're not burdened with the social/commercial nonsense attached to it!


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