Saturday, March 27, 2010

Confession Time

I have somewhat of an addictive personality. Nothing anyone would consider serious in addiction world- but I am always aware I am one of those people.
If I have one piece of white chocolate- I continue to want white chocolate everyday.
If there is one of those raffles where you buy a ticket and put it in a bowl- I keep buying tickets.
If the obgyn says pain killers are ok after childbirth and with nursing, I take them until my mom says, "Do you really think it is ok while nursing?"- that always gets me.
And even recently, I have come to realize that my love for food can be an addiction.
Well, unfortunately, my new thing happened today.


I recently won one (I will blog about it when it comes in the mail) and now I am hooked.
So, tonight when I was supposed to be putting the kids to bed on time for church tomorrow, I was finding as many blog giveaways as I could and filling them out. I am embarrassed to admit that I:

almost considered joining facebook (if you didn't know- I am extremely against facebook) under an alias so I can gain more entries by facebook friending the blogger doing the giveaway.

decided against getting extra entries by blogging about the giveaway thinking that too many people would see the giveaway on my blog and then my chances would go down.

thought about telling one of my closest friends about a product she loves that was a giveaway, but then decided against it thinking she might enter and hurt my chances again.

I am telling you these ridiculous things so you can laugh and so I will stop. I know gambling is wrong- I can't imagine what I would do once I put a coin into a slot machine- I probably would have to be carried away. I know the giveaways are not gambling- but wow- free stuff really draws me in. And once again, draws me away from the stuff I need to be working on.
That being said- if I happen to see a giveaway- I will enter- but I will not spend extra time looking for them and I will get the kids to bed on time!!!!

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  1. Just curious . . . why are you so against Facebook?? :)

  2. Here's a great one to enter!

    Win this rose gold two finger ring from designer Mr. Kate!

    Good luck : )


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