Friday, March 12, 2010

Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody do Their SHARE

The Boys room has been completely messy!
We had already put 5 boxes of too many toys in the basement! It is still a mess!
Mom had to crack the whip today and get them to do some major cleaning!

These are our results! How long do you think it will stay like this?

I am so selling all of their "extra" toys and paying bills!

They less we have, the more they play. Too much stuff is so overwhelming for them!


  1. I find that to be the case, too. The more things the boys have the less time they spend playing with any of it. When I started weeding out their rooms I found that they spend so much more time playing with the few things they have left! It certainly was a life lesson for me, too! We started moving towards a 'simpler' lifestyle in all areas. I bet that was an all day project and 'MOM' must have certainly felt accomplished once it was finished!

  2. I agree with Jen! I love your little boys room. Reminds me of Toy Story.Lol

  3. So good to know we arent the only ones w/ bags of old toys in the basement. I clean the room and tote the junk to the basement. Then the little munchkin finds them in the basement and they are right back upstairs! Cute bedroom, we love Buzzlight Year!

  4. Thank you for visiting our family blog and for your sweet comments~

    I have found that rooms stay clean for 17 minutes :-) hee hee

    I enjoyed browsing through your blog~

  5. We used to sing this song with our daughter all the time! We have the same problem much work but it never stays that way for long....gotta work on that! :) Thanks for following my blog and for stopping by!

  6. we have really cut back on our toys, i have a rule that rooms must be clean before they eat breakfast. man is that motivation. you can look at the pictures of my kids and realize they do not go with out meals. it drives me batty when they trip over things or do not want to play because it is so dirty

  7. Okay, so here I am commenting one week after your post! I've got to know . . . what does their room look like by now?? :)

    I like the feeling I get when the house is "straightened", however that's not reality! I need to learn to feel good when the house is "lived in"!!


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