Saturday, March 6, 2010


Yes, that is my mouth! I have braces, and the husband's friend is nice enough to call me Braceface and Full Metal Jacket (apparently a movie my mother never let me watch- Thank God for a God-fearing mom). This is the same husband's friend that was nice enough to tell me I had cankles during my pregnancies. For those of you who do not understand this slang- cankles are when you calf runs straight into your ankle and you can not tell the difference between the 2.
Go ahead- laugh - it is rather funny.
And because I have a decent self esteem (thanks to my dad who has always told me I look great every time I saw him and continues to do so!) these comments do not bother me.
Back to the braces- I had them when I was 15. I wore the retainer for a short time and apparently you are supposed to wear it longer! I asked my current dentist - how long on the retainer and he said - As long as you want straight teeth!

So, after these bad boys come off, I will always be wearing that retainer at night. Isn't it funny how you don't take for granted what you once did when your parents were footing the bill for things.

My bottom teeth were crooked and pushing out my top. I figured- why not take care of it, loose a little (or a lot of) weight and do a little mini makeover!
I got them on in July, figuring it would be no big deal!

Well, I had forgotten how much they pop my lips out and how much I laugh and smile exposing them. At the time, I asked myself why did I do this?

Now, I am excited and can't wait, because this spring I will be able to show you my clean, new, straight teeth! Woo hoo! These bad boys are coming off soon.

Tomorrow- Guess who gave me a blog award and who I will pass it to?.......


  1. LOL. Your teeth look beautiful my dear

  2. What a great Dad you have!

  3. You'll just love your smile when you're done!

    I, too, had braces in high school (YIKES...30 years ago!) and have just finished my second run about nine months ago. My oldest son and I got ours ON the same day! My second son and I got ours OFF the same day as my third son was getting his ON! Yes, we got the "frequent flyer" discount at the orthodontist...what a blessing! You know, in the 80's, they never told us we needed to wear our retainers for life. You can be certain I'll be sportin' a retainer at night until the Rapture!!

    Remember to keep wax's a real "comfort"!!

  4. Your mouth looks pretty, and your teeth look perfect...why do you have braces?

  5. How long did you have to wear them for the second time?


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