Thursday, February 25, 2010

Stop the Sadness

I have been reading a lot of posts from women who are sad, down and some even use the word, depressed. Thankfully, at the end of the posts most of the ladies seem fine, or upbeat and ready to lean on the Lord.
But I want to know why. Because I feel the same way....
I think I get that lack of sun thing, deprivation of vitamin D. So in the fall, I tell myself it won't happen, I think positive. Christmas is great and then January is not that bad, then boom- I'm hit! Living in the Northeast kills me. Stuck in the house and this year- too much snow.
The kids get sick- double whammy.
They take forever spreading it to each other and recovering no matter how much I change their toothbrushes and keep away sugar and feed them healthy foods. Now I am bummed.
Then we miss church- inside again.
Too dark and cold to be out much!
And all my well-meaning friends who say "Wow- your kids get sick a lot!" lol
I have to constantly talk to myself- get through and remind myself, "God is bigger than this". And really I do not have much to complain about. I have a husband who is healthy and works hard for us and loves me and kids who get sick sometimes, but are basically healthy and are too cute and we love them. Focus - focus - I tell myself.
Tonight, I started something new- singing! I sing to the Lord and the strength comes up and fills me. God is good.
What is the point of this post?--------- I feel ya sisters and I know what you are going through- and thanks for sharing and know that I read your posts and pray for you. But thank you for letting me know that you are going through the same things. It helps.
And spring is around the corner! Hallelujah!


  1. Yes, it's almost March!Come on March!!!

  2. Thanks for bringing out that "perspective"! The "focus" you mention is so GOOD! And Praise the Lord, Spring is just around the very favorite time of year!

  3. Yaaaa for spring!!! Miss you babe


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