Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sledding 101

We finally left the comfort of our own yard and went sledding! Our neighbor knew of a place that was pretty unknown with a massive hill. It was sadly our kids' first time ever! We usually make a hill in our front yard and sled off that or cover our sled on the swingset and slide down that. But this year we ventured out! The kids loved it and we (us and the other 2 families that went) all promised not to share the special spot and are off to buy some more sleds and plan our next trip! Maybe next year a possible ski trip?


  1. won't show those pictures to my kids----they would be WAY jealous.

  2. That looked so fun! Glad to see that everyone is feeling better. We also do the sledding in the yard. However, there is a very large, steep, and fun sled hill just across the street and down the road that I take the kids to several times a year. I look forward to the day when I can say, "sure, go on over", since there is an ice skating rink and cross-country trail there too. We literally live in winter wonderland! It is the greatest!!!

  3. can i just say my family would be thrilled to see that kind of snow. my husband said if we get one inch he is taking the kids sledding


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