Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sick Bay

That's the name my Vietnam Veteran FIL calls my house when people are sick.
Well, the youngest I thought was having a problem with his antibiotic (I know - I know- why did I bother to give it to him and will I ever learn?) so his belly was unsettled and I was changing some gross diapers- poor little baby. But, then last night, the husband came home early from his friend's house (a sure sign something is wrong) and said he did not feel well. So we stayed up all night while he got sick. Thank God I never catch the stomach virus, but now I am left watching the other 3 kids to see if they are going to get it. I pray they don't. Then I had the decision of letting my healthy kids finally go to church with my mother (I was so excited thinking I might get to go today) or if I should keep them home and wait for them to get sick. I opted to let them go- they show no signs of being sick and I figure I can't keep them in the house and wait for them to get something. What would you have done?
Oh yeah- pray for us. :)


  1. Hope you all feel well/stay well soon!

  2. Hopefully everyone will get over all this sickness soon and you will stay well in the process. Because our church is all older folks, I would have just kept everyone home. It is better to be too cautious, then to take a chance when it comes to passing it on to old folks or little ones.


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