Thursday, February 18, 2010

Party in Sick Bay

Well, it was the little boy's 2nd birthday this past weekend and instead of having a small party with the grandparents on Sunday, we opted to cancel and save everyone the wonderful chance of contracting the stomach virus. Aren't we nice people? So, on his real birthday, we decorated, gave him his big present (hand-me-down gift from friend at church wrapped in big brother's sheet) and even had cake. We had vanilla cake with whipped topping and fresh berries. The little boy was over the moon and thought just the five of us singing to him was the best.
After that, I made the decision to not have a make-up party this coming weekend. As far as the little boy was concerned he already had his party. If that would of been one of the older kids, we would of heard, "when will we have my party, when will we have my party?...."

I love when they are young. But so sad that our youngest is 2. Not sad enough to have more though.
Not yet.....

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