Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hello MckMama- please visit!

So.... If I could have a phone conversation with someone high up over at Blog Frog- it would go something like this:

Hello Blog Frog. I really like your widget and have it on my site. I was even recently thinking of paying the money and asking you to promote me on other blogs, but then I had a better idea- Why not just pay MckMama (Uber Mommy Blogger) to visit my blog? If she would just visit me on my blog once a day- that would make me look good. And maybe for an added fee- she could even hit my follow button. Maybe for even more money she could put my button (that I don't have) on her site or wow!!! - imagine she left a comment on one of my posts.
And then for a real lot of money (that I don't have) she could blog about me or give me a blog award.

...At this point the executive might just laugh or be disgusted with me. Then he would hang up and say to his partner, "By George- I think she is on to something!"

But really, don't ya think it would work?
MckMama is huge in the blog world. To have any connection to her is more promotion than Blog Frog could ever offer.
Another idea- my fellow blogger said to me - Could MckMama disable her blog frog and then visit us and we do not even know?
I am hopeful.
Anyone got any better ideas?
Well off I go- to shamelessly leave a comment to MckMama about my post.
Maybe she'll have pity.
See what happens when I am in the house too long.
I am going to the mailbox- maybe something besides the overdue electric bill will be there.


  1. You're funny. I think if you just keep blogging/"chatting"...before you know it, you'll have lots of peeps.
    Would you believe, I don't know who Mckmama is??? Shows ya I don't know squat about blogging!
    BTW...did you make a decision?

  2. Thanks for the encouragement.
    Still working on the husband for the homeschooling decision! I am 100% decided. Just waiting for him.

  3. I think this post might be over my head, haha:) Maybe you can explain it to me. Or maybe I'll just pop in and say hi! Have a great night!

  4. funny...but way more ways to grow you blog than through mckmama! :)

    1st-- leave your URL in your comment (no need to type it out) make it easy for people to click on it

    2- participate in communities and comment.

    3- hope on the twitter wagon if you're not already

    4- don't worry about comments. worry about content. I have a pretty good readership right now for being so new, but my comments do not reflect how many follwers/subscribers I have.

    You cannot strive to be MckMama or another A list Blogger.... they did not strive to be there... it just happened and now they are running with it. Sure, there are things you can do to promote you blog, but if you get consumed by that you'll end up hating blogging.

    Focus on content and relationships. Not stats and numbers or $$.

    And hop on over to visit ME at www.littlellamas.blogspot.com

  5. "By George- I think she is on to something!"


    I am adding you to my favorite blog list though.

  6. SHE COMMENTED ON YOUR BLOG! Holy cow, I've been wanting that forever! ;o)

  7. too funny, not that i have not had the same thoughts. when i have been one of the first few commenters i have seen her come to my blog. she did e-mail me about a comment one day and i was thrilled. so funny that i bet lots of people have had your same thoughts. i never dreamed i would want people to visit my blog more


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