Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Good Things

A couple of good things from this dreary winter:

1. My daughter found my memory stick from my camera under the heater in the bathroom! I had shared how I had lost it here.
2. Even though I kept the girls home from school we have all of their school work for the week and are doing a mock home school - this has been fun, but easier than real home school because their lessons have already been taught in school and I am just overseeing. With the exception of my son who is 4 and I need to keep teaching him the letters. Bit by bit.
3. We are getting a snowstorm tomorrow and it doesn't matter because I was planning on being inside anyway.
4. Someone gave me a big boy construction toy that had never been used, that I can pass along to my son for his birthday next week.
5. My son is too young to realize I recycled his gift.
6. Tax money should be in any day now.
7. I love my life.

I watched "American Idol" the other night with my husband and one of the contestants was saying she grew up thinking no one ate dinner just like her and she looked forward to the next day, knowing she could eat lunch at school and even then she would save half that lunch for her little brother who was home and hungry and did not go to school. I think about this everyday and then think, "Gosh, we are so blessed"!
Enjoy your day today!


  1. Aww, it sounds so sweet. Keep writing. I will be linking my post to your blog tonight (when I write a new one) and then you will read it and call me to tell me Im horrible!!! LOL. Don't worry, nothing bad about you, lets just say if their were a horrible, no good blogger/friend award... I would win hands down!!! Miss you. Stay safe from the snow blizzard your getting tmr. Cindy called me flipping out this morning. Will it ever end? So glad I moved =p.

  2. Um email me your cell ## So I can text you please!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! LOL, I didn't know it was "your" picture... are you Brooklyn Decker?

    Nice to "meet" you!

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