Thursday, December 30, 2010

Under Construction

I am currently under construction and working on changing my blog. Please let me know what you think as I only have a certain amount of time to change things.
A couple of things will still change.
Thanks in advance for your input.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
Hope your family had a great day with warm thoughts of our baby savior being born is such humble circumstances.
We had a great day and entertained both Christmas day and Christmas eve.
We had a wonderful time and the kids were thrilled Christmas morning.
I am still doing dishes from our gatherings (I know you are shocked!).
We are enjoying our time off together and are currently locked in from a blizzard, but it is nice and we are having fun.
Have a great day!

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Funny Things At Our House

my daughter made these and the husband ate them before we could. you have to be fast around here.

So, things are a little crazy at our house lately.
Christmas preparations, Christmas programs, family birthdays and tons of Christmas cookies.
But, crazy times can lead to a lot of funny stuff.

-While bustling around the kitchen the other morning, I hip-checked the little guy who is basically glued to my side lately. He flew across the floor and started to cry, not from being hurt, but because he didn't know what happened! Me, being a nurturing mom, basically said, "Well, maybe you shouldn't always be stuck to me."
I didn't even know he was there.
(only a self-confident woman would admit she knocked her own son out with her hip- or a mom who pressed the publish post button quick!)

-While asking the little boy I babysit for if he ate breakfast, he replied, "mama made me fries". Hey, tis the season.

-The same little boy, wagged his finger at the little guy, telling him, "Santa not coming to your house". To which my family cracked up because we know that is what is mom is saying to him lately.

-Then the little boy told my children that, "ho-ho coming to my house".
I love it - we all laughed at that one as well.

I am anti-santa, but this line of discipline seems to work well for some during the Christmas season. I mean my kids are crazy lately- how about yours?
To which my mother usually replies, "Oh - this is the time of the year when kids act out."
Again- tis the season.

Side note- does anyone have any sure-fire ways of potty training?- AHHHHHH!

Have a great day and try not to eat too many cookies.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Simple Times at The One Room Schoolhouse

We visited a one room schoolhouse, my daughter and I, for a field trip.
And it was COLD- seriously cold. So cold that I wore leggings under my jeans!
And I am not one to wear so many layers! There was unexpected snow here on the island and we had to drive in it, but, praise God, it was okay.

The school was so neat and from the late 1800s. It was small and had 2 doors, one for girls and one for boys.

It was only heated by a wood burning stove. I sat in the back and froze until I realized the kids were warmer closer to the stove. The museum "teacher" taught the kids all about the schoolhouse and gave them a lesson they would of had in 1880.

The kids had to do a chore much like the children of the times. They had to saw a log using a "bucksaw" . They dressed up from that era or tried to - this seemed especially hard for some of the boys- one boy wore suspenders and then upon realizing no one else had, he never took his coat off, all the while thinking of how upset he was with his mom for making him wearing said suspenders.

The kids each sat a desk for 2 and sat by a name tag of a child that actually went to school there in 1895. The kids thought this was great fun and my daughter continued the little game well after we returned home- not fun for a mama who needed the table set pronto and couldn't get her daughter to come by calling her by her birth name!

The class was so simple and of course, it made me want to return to simpler times. Imagine that the kids woke up early, maybe even 5 am, had farm chores to do, walked about a mile or so to school to be there by 8, stayed there till 4, and then walked home, only to most likely have more chores awaiting them at home. They did this in the winter! School was always during the winter and the summer, to avoid planting and harvest. I saw this poem on the board and thought it applied to me and my life even more than it applied to the children.

Work and Play
Those children who are
all the day
Allowed to wander out
And only waste their time
in play
or running wild about
Who do not any school attend
But trifle as they will,
Are certain in the end
To come to something ill.
There's nothing worse than idleness
To lead them into sin,
There to end in wretchedness
In poverty and pain.

Nassakeag School, c. 1895.
Teacher (far left), Ben Robinson; Students from left to right:
Windows: Kate Wood, Sarah Rowland, Maud Smith, Sadie Danbury and Olive Darling
Third row: Flossie Winters, Annie Fallon, Cleveland Davis, Ralph Hawkins, George Beach, Lillie Davis, Will Calahan, Rom Hawkins and Henry Rowland
Second Row: Laura Rowland, Elsie Davis, Bessie Freeman, Jennie Freeman, William Phiefer, Ed Beach, Manley Smith and Warren Rowland
Front Row: Ben Phiefer and Ed Calahan

My daughter was Bessie Freeman for the day and that would make her the taller of the 2 girls with the folded arms. Notice the bare feet and the "class dogs".

Ah, simple times...

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Monday, December 13, 2010

A Tree, Some new ornaments and 200 POSTS!

Sorry I haven't been around much. I had some problems with my blog, that you can now get to by instead of blogspot. So exciting!
And then I got sidetracked with Christmas.
Still not 100 percent decorated, but that is usually the way with me. We are doing pretty well though.
We bought our tree a week ago and we finally decorated it!

Last week, I kept reading these blogs about traditions where each kid gets to pick an ornament each year. While I thought it was cute, I thought not worth the money.
I never shared these thoughts with the husband and lo and behold, we go to get the tree and he announces each kid may pick a special ornament.
Who cares, if we pay the electric bill late, we have ornaments!!!!
(incidentally, only half kidding about the bill part)

So, here, after much thought, are what the kids winded up with:
Oldest daughter has the sneakers, because converse are in this year! And so is the color green for some reason.
Younger daughter picked the skater only after much prodding by this mama who thought is was beautiful and a real keepsake ornament. Enjoy her picture because she now has a broken hand- her darling brother and she decided to fight over it and if fell to the floor- I know you are shocked about their behavior- I was too.
Older son got the Yankees ornament after much prodding from his father and the little guy got the mustang even after we tried to get him to get the firetruck. It reminds me of the dukes of hazard car, which the husband scoffed at, because apparently everyone knows that car wasn't a mustang. Silly mommy.

And this is officially my 200th post. You guys are great and so is blog world.
Have a great night and stay tuned for more Christmas pictures.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

17 Giveaways

You all know, I love a good giveaway.
Well, you have to check out Mandy at Mandipidy.
It is her birthday and she is having 17 of the coolest giveaways I have seen it one spot!
I have only entered a couple so far, but I want to enter them all before they end.
Check it out!

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Warning- New Things Ahead and 2 Mandys.

I have been striving to do some new things within blog world.
I think I have finally made some headway.
First, I think I have finally managed to purchase my domain name,
It takes a few days to go through, but as long as everything goes smoothly you should be able to get to my blog by both and This was a lot easier to do than I thought and I can't believe I put it off this long. Thank you Mandy for explaining to me how it works.
Also, I have been working on my blog makeover for a very loooong time with a very patient and talented woman, also named Mandy and it will be done soon, so do not be surprised if you come and visit and this blog looks very different.
As for my etsy site, I know you think I have flaked. And maybe I have due to birthdays and kids illnesses and Christmas decorating and etc...
I have decided I will still open my shop, but I want to wait until it is done the right way and this might take a little longer. So, no set date, but I will keep you posted.
Have a great night!

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Preparations and Blessings

Well, things are moving a little slow in the decorating department.
This is the boys' room Christmas tree.
I considered buying them a little bigger of a tree this year at Walmart, but thankfully my mom's voice saying, "Why?" was in my head.
They throw this thing around, take off the ornaments and leave it in different rooms, only to decorate it again and start over.
They get excited when I take it out and think it is the coolest.
I have battery operated lights that they can turn on and off themselves.
Let's face it- life is good.
I don't have our avon advent calendar up yet and it is December 2nd.
My mom bought the kids a trader joes chocolate advent calendar, which the kids love to talk about who gets the next chocolate. However, this is not hanging up because I can't figure out how to hang it.
So, it sits on the shelf.
Tis the season.

On a serious note, I have been thinking a lot about giving and really want to teach my kids about blessing others.
I heard a couple of stories about a little girl getting a doll from a family friend who said someone left if for her and another woman who had her leaves raked by a friend after dreaming someone raked her lawn.
I read about a man who sent a $1000 check to a woman from a different country who came here to the US and waited on black Friday lines to buy her siblings computers that were stolen from her car.

My son said to me the other day, "I know we are supposed to be thankful and I am, but what are poor people thankful for?"
"What do they have?"
After pulling back my tears, I reminded him of the Lord's gift of salvation and the promise of eternity with Him.
He was okay with that, but concluded with, "It makes it hard to be thankful when I think about poor people, I mean I am thankful for poor people, but I feel sad too."

So, we will find a way to give this year- if we can spring for an extra gift under the tree or an extra cheap toy in the stocking for our own kids, I am sure we can dig deep for others.
We do the angel tree at church, give a dollar when the cashier tells us about a Christmas charity and put a toy in the toys for tots box, simply because the Marine asked us to and he looked pretty serious. My kids want to give to salvation army, but funny enough, I never have change on me- not with my bank card in my pocket. lol
But I want to show them more, not necessarily monetarily, but a bigger act of giving or service.

What does your family do- for Christmas or year-round? I'd like to know.

He who gives to the poor will not want, but he who hides his eyes [from their want] will have many a curse. Proverbs 28: 27 amplified

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Smart and Trendy Moms

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So You Think You're Crafty

One of my favorite "crafty" bloggers- well, probablly my favorite- especially because she shares her crafts through tutorials, is Mandy from Mandipidy.
Well, she has entered a contest called So You Think You're Crafty and we can vote for her!

Her work is amazing and check her blog if you want see for yourself
and if you like her work
vote here.

The only thing is I don't think they are going to tell us who did what.
Now because I am always looking at Mandy's stuff, I am just gonna say the ruffle apron sure reminds me of her.
Vote accordingly if you can- I would love to see her make it to the finals.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

What Would You Do?

The other day while taking my eldest to the dentist, I encountered one of those situations that is hard to deal with as a mom and as a Christian.
We entered the waiting room to find a woman sitting and reading and a couple watching Everybody Loves Raymond on the TV.
Now I have seen the show plenty of times before but not something my daughter watches.

My daughter proceeded to play with her ipod and I was reading something I had in my pocketbook.
Then on the TV the two main characters started to talk about that 3 little word that married couples sometimes talk about.
I was cringing and flinching.

What would you have done?

I had a couple of options:
I could of done nothing and prayed my daughter was momentarily hard of hearing.
I could of asked the couple if we could have changed the channel, a little worried that they would of been upset.
I could of asked the office manager if we could wait in the back (they are very nice there).

Wanna know what I did?

Nothing- I am embarrassed to say- I did nothing.

I was too worried the couple would be upset- I didn't want to make a scene and ask the office manager- so I did nothing.

Then I just hoped it would be over quickly and of course, it wasn't because it was the premise for the whole show.

My daughter played with her ipod the whole time and did not look up- but she is not deaf.

I am pretty outgoing and usually have no problem standing up for myself- but this time I blew it.

Has something like this ever happened to you? What did you do?

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

How Fast the Time goes...

And so ends Thanksgiving dinner, black Friday shopping, and time by myself.
It was nice and I enjoyed my time. I got some good deals and put a minor dent in my shopping and took down the fall stuff. A couple of Christmas things went up and the rest will follow.
Enjoy your weekend.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!- a quick prayer

What a great night- what a great day!
Dear Lord,
How amazing you are.
Thank you for your amazing blessings.
Thank you Lord for my family, my church and my church family, my home, Your provisions, my husband's job, my wonderful kids, my dependable husband and my relationship with You.
Please be with anyone who needs you tonight- please let no one go hungry and cold and let me always be mindful of those who are without.
Please let me really understand JOY this time of year- not just happiness or excitement, but joy, the kind that stays with you even when things get hard because I have You.
Please let me share this with others always and show it to those who are around me most, like my husband and kids.
Thank you for today and everyday.
Thank you for constantly choosing to work on me and to stay by my side.
And thank you for a mother-in-law who cooked an amazing dinner, so I didn't have to and a mother who took the kids overnight for the next 2 nights, so I can get some rest.
In Your Name,

Happy Thanksgiving!
Smart and Trendy Moms

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And The Winner Is...

Congratulations to Theresa!
Theresa said...
I would pick the 1948 New Recipes for Good Eating Vintage Cookbook. I love the cover of it and sounds like it would have some yummy recipes.

I will send your email to Stacey!
And a special thanks to Stacey, The Cookbook Addict, for sponsoring such an awesome giveaway.
Check out Stacey's blog here.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

IcE cReAm SuNdAE nIgHt

Well, the husband instituted ice cream sundae night last weekend.
Of course, it was a rousing success.
Some of us only eat the whipped topping and some of us only ate the gummy bears.
And this mommy was nice enough to share her secret and delicious recipe for peanut butter topping!
A tablespoon of peanut butter, a tiny sprinkle of sugar, about 30 seconds in the microwave, stir and add ice cream- delicious!!
Almost as good as Friendlys.

Speaking of food, have you entered the awesome cookbook giveaway yet- if not, enter here.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

all i want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth...

We had a first over here at The Chatty Mommy's house- middle brother knocked out middle sister's tooth while rough housing on the couch.
Where was mom when this happened?
Your guess is as good as mine.

Good thing it was extremely loose anyway and no one got hurt.

And pretty funny the next morning when big sister asked middle sister what she got under her pillow and chatty mommy had to rush to the pillow before she could and grabbed out the tooth leaving 75 cents she happened to have in her hand in place of said tooth as daughter reached for it.
We don't believe in the tooth fairy, but these kids really like to watch me go the extra mile.
Can't wait till they have their own kids- I might just laugh at them for awhile.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Silly me...

Let me start by saying coupons can be dangerous!

I found a coupon for hot chocolate from dunkin' donuts. But, wait, it was for white hot chocolate!!!!
Have you ever heard of something so tasty?
I do not like regular chocolate, but Mama loves white chocolate.
And for only 99 cents, who can go wrong?

Then I realized I will be an adult today.
I will go somewhere with a styrofoam cup with a lid and a little opening to slurp from!
This was new.
I do not drink much of anything but water and I detest coffee and tea.
So, I never take a coffee cup anywhere.
I am so not cool.
I never have one in the store, when I drive or in Sunday School.

Now was my chance to get this white chocolate delight for only 99 cents and do my food shopping while sipping from my styrofoam cup and walking at the same time!

I order it, get me and the little guy back in the van and give it a minute to cool down- I hear that stuff can be hot!
I take a nice sip and

And a normal person might give up with a burnt mouth- but not me.

I wait a little longer and try again.
This time it is not hot, but my teeth start to chatter from the sweetest drink I have ever tasted.
Oh yeah, that's right, white chocolate is nothing more than sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

Never again.
I am going back to my "ruin the environment" plastic water bottle.

And a good thing too- did you know there are 25 grams of fat in that white hot chocolate and 56 grams of carbs?
So, not worth it- I'd rather eat taco bell- but that is a whole other story.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Birthday Party Pics...

A couple of weeks ago, we had my daughter's birthday!

She received the play-doh cake makin' station- which all the kids played with.

Clothes that made mama happy.

And of course, we had cupcakes! We had friends over during the day and the family at night. We had mac and cheese and nuggets with the friends and chili from the crock pot with the family! It was a long, but fun day.

And thank you to the mommy of her friend that bought this awesome gift that will be used as Christmas gifts for our Sunday school teachers. (Pretend you didn't hear that if you are one of our teachers). Now that is what I call a 2 in 1 gift!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meet The Cookbook Addict {giveaway}

A little about me... My name is Stacey and I live in NE Wisconsin near Green Bay. I’m a stay at home mom of 3 boys and a baby girl ages 1-8, we have 2 dogs, 1 hamster, and since it rained last night I’m guessing about 5 frogs the boys brought inside that are hiding somewhere in my house. I also have an amazing husband who is (for some reason) crazy supportive of my vintage cookbook addiction.

How did you start collecting?I think it started with my frustrations on how our eating habits have evolved over time. I look at us now with our lists of must have staples in our hands while grocery shopping and wonder how those lists have changed from milk, sugar, and eggs to instead Mac n cheese, hot dogs and frozen pizza. I became attracted to the simplicity of the past, simple recipes, simple ingredients, the time when you were out of bread you just made more (and were able to name every single ingredient in it too!). I also fell in love with the personal side of history that comes with them. The everydayness of their stories. I could relate to having to scrape meals to together during hard times and I could actually use information like “how DO you get gum out of carpet?” I feel like nowadays we think we’re smarter and above people from the past. Yes we do have more information than they did, but for the most part, I feel sometimes all we’re doing is re-inventing the wheel.

Please share a little about Vintage Cookbooks.All of the different types of cookbooks can be a little overwhelming so I like to break them down into categories and some of the main ones to know are:
There’s the late and great 1800’s early 1900’s antique homemaking/cooking/serving cookbooks. Typically the oldest type found (if collecting American cookbooks). You can find recipes for detergents, facial cream, medicine (of course I wouldn't use the opium they list as an ingredient but that’s just me) and about a million other things you forget weren't invented by companies. I also love them for examples of “how one ought to behave in public” and “what is expected of the hostess when guests are to be served”. They’re like Emily Post on steroids and absolutely, positively fascinating! Prices vary with these but they’re extremely popular and collectible.
There’s what I like to call the “big mama-jammas” the “one stop shop” cookbooks. They can be counted on for having recipes chapters for breakfast, hor d’orvs, dinner party menus, recipes for bridge luncheons, Sunday suppers and everything in between. They’re usually thick and heavy and generally were put out by big hitter companies like Good Housekeeping, Betty Crocker, or Culinary Arts Institute. They are also a pretty sure bet if collecting and consistently popular.
There’s also the cookbooks that were put out by church and local groups to raise money. They’re smaller in size but have some of the best tried and true recipes you can find! As far as collecting and value go they’re a world all their own. I personally think that they should stay in the area they were written for so only occasionally do I put them up for sale but of course that’s just MY opinion!

Then there’s the advertising recipe booklets that were generally put out by top companies usually to promote a specific product. With company funded test kitchens on Park Ave. and spokeswomen that became the rock stars of their time. There’s pure advertising genius with these babies because this is time where eating and food REALLY started to change. It was after WWII and companies had a surplus of “shelf-stable” processed food that they had been sending to the troops and decided to market to the general public. These promo type books were around earlier but they increased exponentially during the late 40’s and into the 50’s. It’s good to do your research with these but cover art and rarity play big factors in value. For me that’s where I stop, for the most part but others sometimes collect what they think WILL be popular and that’s a good way to ensure long term success in your collection.

What are your favorites?My personal favorites are a toss up between my 1899 White House Cookbook with so many “extras” tucked between it’s pages I swear I can still find things I never saw before and my 1902 Women’s Favorite Cookbook with the most amazing illustrations and one of the most complete sources for every recipe dealing with the home at that time. Then there are the handwritten books I have with notes about bills to pay and dates to remember and all of them are from ladies who lived in my area. They’re just priceless to me and I would sob uncontrollably if I lost them.

What is your inspiration?My inspiration comes from wanting my kids to have memories of how absolutely AMAZING home baked bread smells in the oven and how lucky they are in life. Also I know it sounds kind of corny but it’s inspiring to me to think I’m helping save these recipes that all of these under-appreciated and over-worked women were so dearly proud of by making sure they get treated and recognized as the treasures they are.
(This, by the way, just touched my heart when she talked about her kids and wanting them to smell fresh bread- I am so there!)

Stacey is giving one Chatty Mommy reader a 1942 copy of The Greater American Cookbook by Ruth Berolzheimer!

Here's how to win:
-You must be a follower of this blog and visit The Cookbook Addict and tell me which is your favorite cookbook! -mandatory

-Choose The Cookbook Addict as a favorite on etsy! (3 extra entries)

-Blog About It! (5 extra entries)
Leave a separate comment for each entry.

A winner will be picked Thanksgiving morning at 10am EST via!
This is giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.

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*I was not compensated in anyway for this giveaway.*


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