Monday, November 23, 2009

Where does the time go?

Can you believe Christmas is already upon us? I already messed up some things!!!! Every year I vow to handle Christmas more efficiently and do everything I want to do with the kids on time! Here is what I have already messed up:
1. Forgot to watch certain Christmas specials that were on.
2. Barely have all my Thanksgiving decorations up- let alone ready to hang up Christmas.
3. Have not sent out thanksgiving "hands" to a good friend down south.
4. Can you believe one of my kids does not even have a stocking yet! I have to make it and vowed to make it in September.
Well, not too bad. I have a ton of wrap. Got some free last year. So what if it is High School Musical and Hannah Montana and I do not like those shows! It was free! I am trying to do all my shopping at once. If I do a little at a time- I buy too much!
Aside from all that, can't wait for watching the specials together, drinking hot chocolate, making cookies and walking into to church knowing it is Christmas.
Slightly in the back of my mind, I am stressed- I know that lady in Toys r Us the other day with her cart filled is already finished with her shopping and I haven't started- lol
Deep Breaths....

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