Friday, October 16, 2009

Lost - Please Help!

So it really is not that important, but I can not find my memory stick to my camera. I went to Sam's the other day to make up some pictures for my son (we are making a binder filled with pictures of him standing with different men who have different jobs, so he has real life people to look up to in all different areas- so far we have a firefighter, a doctor and a lifeguard) and I put the memory stick into my jeans pocket rather than taking the whole camera. The jeans I had on (incidently great jeans called slimming jeans from Sams- very flattering, but cut big so you can fit into a smaller size- finally a single digit for me- and they only cost $15) had pockets that are not deep. I got the pictures asked about another memory stick because mine is full and they were $35- no way. I vaguely remember coming home and taking it out of my pocket so I wouldn't lose it and putting it down somewhere. I went to look for it later and could not find it! It is my own fault for being disorganized! I believe I have checked everywhere possible including that days garbage, but I have no idea where it is!!! AHHHH

I have most of the pictures on my computer, but I just realized my daughter's most recent field trip was on there. And I love to save the memory sticks so in case my computer decides to go on me. Please pray I find it - it is driving me crazy!!!

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