Thursday, October 8, 2009


I try to be a great parent. I really love my kids. But I do not want to sleep with them. I am just a person who needs space sometimes and sleeping with an elbow in my face or a foot in my eye (both have happened) just doesn't spell out a good nights' sleep for me. However, it seems like someone is always getting up asking to sleep in my bed. And lots of times, we wake up and someone never asked, but just hopped right in. I wonder what percentage of American families has kids sleeping with them? Voluntarily or against their will? I do feel bad when you talk to parents that love to let their children sleep next to them. Like I am mean or something. Am I crazy? Is it too much to ask to sleep only next to my husband?

And let me paint this picture for you. We have a full size bed!!! Not a king. Not even a queen! Just a full. We always plan to get a bigger bed and the money always goes to something else. But I have to ask myself as tax return time slowly creeps up, do I really want a bigger bed? Do I really want everyone in it?


  1. Just get the king size bed...

  2. I have something for you... go pick it up..


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