Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Apple Crisp

So yesterday, I decided to make apple crisp. Thought it would be nice to do with the kids. Well, it got a little crazy around here. So that quickly turned into mommy making apple crisp after the kids went to bed as a treat for Daddy. Well, Daddy fell asleep watching the Yankees and Mommy made apple crisp, but had no one to feed it to. What's a mommy to do? Eat it herself!!!! I thought I would partake of a small amount. Everyone needs a treat, right? Well, a little piece turned into a little more and then a little more this morning cold from the fridge. Then I was left with a huge dilemma. My husband would see that I ate nearly half the apple crisp! I have been in this predicament before and normally I give a tiny bit to one of the smaller children and tell my husband, "I shared that with so and so". Wow- now that I write that, it sounds like a white lie, huh? Well, I had forgotten to share with any of the kids, so I was left with the old Bill Cosby trick. Did you ever see the Cosby episode where Cliff is trying to hide from his wife that he is eating the freshly made cake? Well, he keeps scooping it out from the bottom and covering it with more frosting, but he keeps eating it so the hole just keeps getting bigger and bigger and Claire eventually finds out. I sort of spread out the apple crisp across the pie dish. It worked I guess. Now here I am with some left, everyone sleeping and the promise I made to my daughter that she can have some for after lunch tomorrow. Did I mention I have a wedding to go to on Sunday and the dress is a little tight?

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  1. alright...2 blogs in 4 days. Better but still need M-O-R-E


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