Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Zhu Zhu Pets are the New Craze!

I just had no idea what these things were until-

I went to Toys R Us to exchange a toy for my son and it was not open yet. We saw some people standing by the front door and decided to wait it out with them. It was a little odd because everyone was standing in a perfectly straight line and not just the usual milling around. I stood behind a woman with 2 kids who were running and trying to run in the parking lot while their mom chewed a man's ear off who was waiting with his small daughter telling him how mental illness runs in her family! I decided to ask someone what was going on right before we got in and she said they were all waiting for "Zhu zhu pets". Apparently this store did not have them for a month and these people wait evey Wed. morning for a shipment.

What are Zhu Zhu (pronounced zoo zoo) pets, you might ask? Well, do not feel bad, I had no idea either. They are virtual hamsters that make a squeally sound and crawl around the floor resembling a real hamster. You can buy the hamster and then (of course) you can buy a bunch of playsets to go with them.

I told myself just to do what I had to do and get out of there, but curiousity won out and we went to check it out. I took the 2 kids in the cart and followed the small crowd. People were all shoving and pushing for a spot around this tiny endcap where a salesperson was trying to take the boxes out of their shipping boxes. A couple of women were frantically going over their lists to make sure they had all the pieces they needed. I grabbed a couple and just announced to no one in particular, "I'll just sell these on ebay"! WELL- the looks that followed and then, "That's not fair!"
I took what I wanted and went to do what I had originally come for. I went to do my exchange. The phone was ringing off the hook at the register with people asking, "Do you have zhu zhu pets?- How many? - Will they still be there after I pick up my kid from pre-school?- Can you put them on hold?" NO, no and no. I go around by the pets just one more time and the lady with the mental illness in the family decided to let her kids roam the store- mind you they looked to be about 3 and 5. But apparently that didn't matter as long as her cart was fulled of zhu zhus. The manager comes up to me and she says, "I have had complaints that you are going to sell these on ebay and if that is the case, I'll have to limit what you can buy!" I told her honestly, "I have 4 kids- I know the 2 that are in school are going to come home asking for these for Christmas, so I am just going to stick them up in my closet."
I left at this point only to find a lady in the parking lot who told me that the manager is remembering my face and I am not allowed to buy anymore at this store, so I should find another store.
Great- Now I am blacklisted at Toys R Us.
I should of just stayed home- I guess that is where the title comes in- stay at home mom! No job- no money - no going out!
Did I mention these zhu zhu pets are now in my closet and not in my budget and not selling very high on ebay!
It is always something!

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