Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well, this is what happened to my husband's car very early on a Saturday morning about 2 weeks ago! Thank God he is ok except for reoccurring backache that I am praying goes away soon! And thank God my husband had on his seatbelt! He was at a red light waiting for it to change and he looked up in his rearview mirror when a woman came barreling down at him and hit him hard doing about 50 mph! She was very disorientated and said she wasn't sure if she was texting or fell asleep. Now we are at the mercy of the insurance companies. Just waiting and waiting. In the mean time, we are once again down to one car- He needs to work, so he takes the van. I miss the van, but it does keep me out of Marshalls not having it here!!! lol And then last night, the husband picked up another used car that is good for travel!!! Woo hoo- just in time for us to hit the library program today!!!!
Half of us is back at school and I am missing them! And now we are very into the September birthdays that must be celebrated!
Sorry for the lack of blogage!

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  1. OH NO!!! I will call you this week. I miss you and our chats


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