Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Created To Be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl


Ok- so not so professional yet, but I am starting my own "day thing" and today will start Book Review Tuesday. lol

2 of my friends recently recommended the same book to me without knowing that the other was reading it. It is Created To Be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl.
Debi and her Pastor husband, Michael are well known within the homeschooling circles, as pioneers of the homeschooling movement and have a website nogreaterjoy.org. This is my first time hearing of them, but the book is an answer to prayer.
Over the years, I have spoken to many women older than I within the church and asked the question of how to treat my husband as a Godly woman.
Many women some with saved husbands and some without, have told me that "God does not want me to be a doormat", meaning I am a strong woman and should always stick up for myself.
It seemed like faulty advice, but not many people were telling me anything different with the exception of my grandmother who just seemed outdated. - Sorry Grandma.

Debi's book pretty much spells it out- if I want to have a "glorious" marriage (who doesn't?), then I have to submit to my husband and what God wants from me. She gives basic truths in her book with scripture that shows what God would have me do as a woman and a wife.
I have been applying Debi's principles (which as she writes are really God's principles) to my marriage and the past couple of weeks that I have been reading this book have been so rewarding. Being a better wife to my husband leaves me to be a better mother to my children as well.
I encourage you to read this book and put it to the test in your marriage today. I have not finished the book as of yet and may blog about it again in the future.

**Update- I finished this book and continue to look back to it. I believe every marriage could benefit from it.**


  1. I wonder who this knowledgeable, awesome, beautiful, (hmm unorganized, flustery) friend could be??? Lol. Im glad you got it and glad you like it. Again... I sincerely apologize for all the base ball bat comments. COme visit us. We LOVE you!!

  2. I am really enjoying this book too.
    It sounds so obvious and practical when reading, but can be so hard to do.

  3. YES! REAd it last year and have been SO CHALLENGED by it. Found you through Kelly's blog. Truly Debi's marriage advise is sound and true and has affected me profoundly!

  4. My whole blog is based on this book and how it has transformed my marriage!

  5. May your and husband continue to be blessed with a good life together!

  6. I've heard about that book a couple times - it's been on my list. Certainly, having a "glorious marriage" is always the goal!! I might just have to finally go out and get this one.:)

  7. That is such a good book. It was given to me not long after I got married. I also "Love & Respect" by Emerson Eggrich (sp?).



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