Thursday, September 24, 2009



That's right - it's my weight and I am posting it for everyone to see. Maybe to shame myself a little! LOL
I am always struggling with weight loss- much like a lot of women- especially after having kids. I started posting my weight in a weekly email to some friends and that helped for awhile- I got down to 148! But alas, I put on more weight and need to get it off. So you know, if you haven't seen me - I am short - too short to weigh 155.
My goals
-Wedding at the end of October with all my husbands' friends- must look good
-I NEED to be in single digit clothing! I am not buying anything else until I lose weight (well, maybe a pair of jeans, because I only have one pair.
-Have my husband say "WOW"!!!
Did I mention the wedding with all my husbands' friends?
So pray for me! Here I go.
Why does food taste so good?

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