Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I will try:

I will try:

-to keep the house a little cleaner.

-to go a little easier on the kids.

-to decorate this house and make it more of a home.

-to be more organized.

-to be on time.

-to remember to be ever thankful.

-to pay bills on time.

-to pray more.

-to be in my bible more.

- to appreciate my husband more and let him know.

And many others I will ponder this week. I am going for some life changes. I am accountable to Him and will remember to act accordingly.
Oh yeah- I will lay off the TV and late night snacks!

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  1. nothing says home quicker (and cheaper) than paint!!! Start painting the rooms and then buy a few houseplants. Voila!!! Im sure you will do a marvelous job. Love ya


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