Monday, August 31, 2009

Our New Van!

Well, after a year and a half of having 4 kids and driving a 5 passenger Subaru Forester, we finally did it! We bought a van! Now don't get me wrong, the forester was nice, but even when we had just 3 kids, it was tight. And then adding the fourth- anytime we went somewhere as a family , we had to take 2 cars! Then if me and the kids were going somewhere together - it could only be within a couple of blocks because my oldest is really not old enough for the front seat! We bought a 2007 Chrysler Town and Country and I love it! The kids and I get excited just because it sits in our driveway and then the whole time we drive it, they just marvel at all the room. It did not come with a dvd player- which I thought we should buy right away, but then the husband intervened and said they do not need it. Alas, he is right. These kids would want to watch it on the 10 minute ride to church or the grocery store-lol. So if we ever get to go on a long trip- we might buy a small portable one. All the kids want to do is visit some friends that moved to SC a couple of years ago. Even the little ones who really do not remember them are eager to go. Still got to get the husband on board.
Sorry to gush- just so excited. Driving it is a dream- I just get a little nervous in and out of parking spaces! lol

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I will try:

I will try:

-to keep the house a little cleaner.

-to go a little easier on the kids.

-to decorate this house and make it more of a home.

-to be more organized.

-to be on time.

-to remember to be ever thankful.

-to pay bills on time.

-to pray more.

-to be in my bible more.

- to appreciate my husband more and let him know.

And many others I will ponder this week. I am going for some life changes. I am accountable to Him and will remember to act accordingly.
Oh yeah- I will lay off the TV and late night snacks!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Simple Things

I am in awe of the way other people are living. I long for a more simple way of living, but admittedly fall into a trap of the fast paced, too busy attitude of the island of which I live on. Reading other woman's blogs make me want to change for the better. I am encouraged to shut off the TV more, read more to the kids and maybe even yell a little less. I plan on embracing the rest of the days of summer and encourage the kids that even though the good weather will all too soon come to an end, our good times will not. However, trite it might be, these times go by so quick, so we must enjoy our children as much as we can and be there to pour into them everything we possibly can. These are the days.


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