Monday, November 23, 2009

Where does the time go?

Can you believe Christmas is already upon us? I already messed up some things!!!! Every year I vow to handle Christmas more efficiently and do everything I want to do with the kids on time! Here is what I have already messed up:
1. Forgot to watch certain Christmas specials that were on.
2. Barely have all my Thanksgiving decorations up- let alone ready to hang up Christmas.
3. Have not sent out thanksgiving "hands" to a good friend down south.
4. Can you believe one of my kids does not even have a stocking yet! I have to make it and vowed to make it in September.
Well, not too bad. I have a ton of wrap. Got some free last year. So what if it is High School Musical and Hannah Montana and I do not like those shows! It was free! I am trying to do all my shopping at once. If I do a little at a time- I buy too much!
Aside from all that, can't wait for watching the specials together, drinking hot chocolate, making cookies and walking into to church knowing it is Christmas.
Slightly in the back of my mind, I am stressed- I know that lady in Toys r Us the other day with her cart filled is already finished with her shopping and I haven't started- lol
Deep Breaths....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Evil Swine

I never give the flu shot! I just laugh when they ask either myself or the children to get one. BUT, this swine flu thing has got me a little crazy. My pediatrician, who I love, and is always on my side, threw me for a loop the other day when she suggested we all get the swine flu vaccine. I walked out of the office without it. I can't make a decision just like that, but boy was that a rough day. I thought about it, called a couple girlfriends and passed on my paranoia and then prayed about it. Oh yeah, and let's not forget, pestering my husband while he was trying to eat dinner and trying to force him to make a decision he feels is my decision to make. By morning time, I decided to do what we always do, unless something makes me absolutely certain to change my mind.
And as a family, we will:
-wash hands longer (we sing the abc song twice) and more frequently.
-remember our vitamins every night.
-get to bed on time.
-not get crazy with an overpacked schedule.
-and of course, eat more veggies!
For anyone else, faced with the same decision- I feel for you!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Apple Crisp

So yesterday, I decided to make apple crisp. Thought it would be nice to do with the kids. Well, it got a little crazy around here. So that quickly turned into mommy making apple crisp after the kids went to bed as a treat for Daddy. Well, Daddy fell asleep watching the Yankees and Mommy made apple crisp, but had no one to feed it to. What's a mommy to do? Eat it herself!!!! I thought I would partake of a small amount. Everyone needs a treat, right? Well, a little piece turned into a little more and then a little more this morning cold from the fridge. Then I was left with a huge dilemma. My husband would see that I ate nearly half the apple crisp! I have been in this predicament before and normally I give a tiny bit to one of the smaller children and tell my husband, "I shared that with so and so". Wow- now that I write that, it sounds like a white lie, huh? Well, I had forgotten to share with any of the kids, so I was left with the old Bill Cosby trick. Did you ever see the Cosby episode where Cliff is trying to hide from his wife that he is eating the freshly made cake? Well, he keeps scooping it out from the bottom and covering it with more frosting, but he keeps eating it so the hole just keeps getting bigger and bigger and Claire eventually finds out. I sort of spread out the apple crisp across the pie dish. It worked I guess. Now here I am with some left, everyone sleeping and the promise I made to my daughter that she can have some for after lunch tomorrow. Did I mention I have a wedding to go to on Sunday and the dress is a little tight?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Lost - Please Help!

So it really is not that important, but I can not find my memory stick to my camera. I went to Sam's the other day to make up some pictures for my son (we are making a binder filled with pictures of him standing with different men who have different jobs, so he has real life people to look up to in all different areas- so far we have a firefighter, a doctor and a lifeguard) and I put the memory stick into my jeans pocket rather than taking the whole camera. The jeans I had on (incidently great jeans called slimming jeans from Sams- very flattering, but cut big so you can fit into a smaller size- finally a single digit for me- and they only cost $15) had pockets that are not deep. I got the pictures asked about another memory stick because mine is full and they were $35- no way. I vaguely remember coming home and taking it out of my pocket so I wouldn't lose it and putting it down somewhere. I went to look for it later and could not find it! It is my own fault for being disorganized! I believe I have checked everywhere possible including that days garbage, but I have no idea where it is!!! AHHHH

I have most of the pictures on my computer, but I just realized my daughter's most recent field trip was on there. And I love to save the memory sticks so in case my computer decides to go on me. Please pray I find it - it is driving me crazy!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Can you believe it?

Ok- so I won a blog award from a friend who has taken pity on my poor attempt to blog. But, it has given me the encouragement I need to keep blogging! Thanks so much to thegapgirl!!! Here are my questions I need to answer:

1. Where is your cell phone? No clue!
2. Your Hair? Long and Brown.
3. Your Mother? my rock
4. Your Father? loving
5. Your Favorite Food? PIZZA
6. Your Dream Last Night? None
7. Your Favorite Drink? Water
8. Your Dream/Goal? Completely Debt Free
9. What Room are you in ? My room
10. Your Hobby? card making, reading
11. Your Fear? sickness
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Debt free in a finished house
13. Where were you last night? church nursery
14. Something you aren't? organized
15. muffins? sure any kind
16. wish list item? cricut machine
17. Where did you grow up? right where I am today
18. Last thing you did? dishes
19. What are you wearing? Pajama top and jeans
20. Your TV? sesame street
21. Your Pets? NEVER
22. Your Friends? Mostly moms
23. Your Life? Blessed
24. Your mood? great
25. missing someone? brother in CA
26. vehicle? black van- love it!
27. something you are not wearing? socks
28. Your favorite store? Marshalls
29. Your favorite color? Purple
30. When was the last time you laughed? just now
31. Last time you cried? Sunday
32. Your Best Friend? K
33. One place that I go over and over? church
34. One person who emails me regularly? best friend who forwards.
35. Favorite Place to eat? My bed at night alone while watching TV. sad

Check out my award over on the side!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I try to be a great parent. I really love my kids. But I do not want to sleep with them. I am just a person who needs space sometimes and sleeping with an elbow in my face or a foot in my eye (both have happened) just doesn't spell out a good nights' sleep for me. However, it seems like someone is always getting up asking to sleep in my bed. And lots of times, we wake up and someone never asked, but just hopped right in. I wonder what percentage of American families has kids sleeping with them? Voluntarily or against their will? I do feel bad when you talk to parents that love to let their children sleep next to them. Like I am mean or something. Am I crazy? Is it too much to ask to sleep only next to my husband?

And let me paint this picture for you. We have a full size bed!!! Not a king. Not even a queen! Just a full. We always plan to get a bigger bed and the money always goes to something else. But I have to ask myself as tax return time slowly creeps up, do I really want a bigger bed? Do I really want everyone in it?

Halt on the Tuesday Book Reviews

Okay. So for now, I think I will put a stop to the Tuesday book reviews. Too hard to keep up with them. And to be perfectly honest, I have not been reading a book a week lately. I have temporarily stopped reading my Christian Amish Romance novels (my absolute fave) and have been focusing on reading books about being a better wife and mother. Maybe my kids and husband should blog to let you know how those books are really going. LOL
I have been also trying to sell on ebay as much as possible. I will blog more about ebay at a later date. I just do not have as much babysitting as I normally have. But it always works out. "God is good. All the time." Quote from my Pastor.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Something Free At Home Depot

I thought this was so cool! I am sure many of you have already taken advantage of this, but this weekend was the first time my husband took a couple of the kids and they had a really great time! One of the children is only 4, but they were still able to go- I don't think home depot is that strict on the age thing. They got to make a fire engine bank this week. It was really cute and they got a home depot kid-sized apron and a pin with the picture of the craft that they did. They really enjoyed it!
Not too many things are free anymore and I was amazed at the quality of what they were able to make. I thought I wonder why Home Depot does it? Sure enough, in walks my husband with a huge bag of stuff he was "meaning to get"! I guess they figure every parent needs something at Home Depot and this is just the way to get them into the store! If you haven't already, check it out!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Zhu Zhu Pets are the New Craze!

I just had no idea what these things were until-

I went to Toys R Us to exchange a toy for my son and it was not open yet. We saw some people standing by the front door and decided to wait it out with them. It was a little odd because everyone was standing in a perfectly straight line and not just the usual milling around. I stood behind a woman with 2 kids who were running and trying to run in the parking lot while their mom chewed a man's ear off who was waiting with his small daughter telling him how mental illness runs in her family! I decided to ask someone what was going on right before we got in and she said they were all waiting for "Zhu zhu pets". Apparently this store did not have them for a month and these people wait evey Wed. morning for a shipment.

What are Zhu Zhu (pronounced zoo zoo) pets, you might ask? Well, do not feel bad, I had no idea either. They are virtual hamsters that make a squeally sound and crawl around the floor resembling a real hamster. You can buy the hamster and then (of course) you can buy a bunch of playsets to go with them.

I told myself just to do what I had to do and get out of there, but curiousity won out and we went to check it out. I took the 2 kids in the cart and followed the small crowd. People were all shoving and pushing for a spot around this tiny endcap where a salesperson was trying to take the boxes out of their shipping boxes. A couple of women were frantically going over their lists to make sure they had all the pieces they needed. I grabbed a couple and just announced to no one in particular, "I'll just sell these on ebay"! WELL- the looks that followed and then, "That's not fair!"
I took what I wanted and went to do what I had originally come for. I went to do my exchange. The phone was ringing off the hook at the register with people asking, "Do you have zhu zhu pets?- How many? - Will they still be there after I pick up my kid from pre-school?- Can you put them on hold?" NO, no and no. I go around by the pets just one more time and the lady with the mental illness in the family decided to let her kids roam the store- mind you they looked to be about 3 and 5. But apparently that didn't matter as long as her cart was fulled of zhu zhus. The manager comes up to me and she says, "I have had complaints that you are going to sell these on ebay and if that is the case, I'll have to limit what you can buy!" I told her honestly, "I have 4 kids- I know the 2 that are in school are going to come home asking for these for Christmas, so I am just going to stick them up in my closet."
I left at this point only to find a lady in the parking lot who told me that the manager is remembering my face and I am not allowed to buy anymore at this store, so I should find another store.
Great- Now I am blacklisted at Toys R Us.
I should of just stayed home- I guess that is where the title comes in- stay at home mom! No job- no money - no going out!
Did I mention these zhu zhu pets are now in my closet and not in my budget and not selling very high on ebay!
It is always something!

Thursday, September 24, 2009



That's right - it's my weight and I am posting it for everyone to see. Maybe to shame myself a little! LOL
I am always struggling with weight loss- much like a lot of women- especially after having kids. I started posting my weight in a weekly email to some friends and that helped for awhile- I got down to 148! But alas, I put on more weight and need to get it off. So you know, if you haven't seen me - I am short - too short to weigh 155.
My goals
-Wedding at the end of October with all my husbands' friends- must look good
-I NEED to be in single digit clothing! I am not buying anything else until I lose weight (well, maybe a pair of jeans, because I only have one pair.
-Have my husband say "WOW"!!!
Did I mention the wedding with all my husbands' friends?
So pray for me! Here I go.
Why does food taste so good?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Bringing Up Boys by Dr. James Dobson is at the top of my reads right now. I am in the process of reading the book as well as taking the class and doing a study guide with a group at church. It is really great! I am not always Dr. Dobson's number one fan, but a lot of good things have come from Focus on the Family.
His insight on boys is amazing and really drills into you how different boys are from girls and why. Some was common sense, but a lot of it was a real eye-opener.
The book spans many issues and is food for a mother of any age son. Some of the people taking the class at church have infant boys and they are trying to learn anything they can.
This is a great book and well worth the read!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well, this is what happened to my husband's car very early on a Saturday morning about 2 weeks ago! Thank God he is ok except for reoccurring backache that I am praying goes away soon! And thank God my husband had on his seatbelt! He was at a red light waiting for it to change and he looked up in his rearview mirror when a woman came barreling down at him and hit him hard doing about 50 mph! She was very disorientated and said she wasn't sure if she was texting or fell asleep. Now we are at the mercy of the insurance companies. Just waiting and waiting. In the mean time, we are once again down to one car- He needs to work, so he takes the van. I miss the van, but it does keep me out of Marshalls not having it here!!! lol And then last night, the husband picked up another used car that is good for travel!!! Woo hoo- just in time for us to hit the library program today!!!!
Half of us is back at school and I am missing them! And now we are very into the September birthdays that must be celebrated!
Sorry for the lack of blogage!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Created To Be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl


Ok- so not so professional yet, but I am starting my own "day thing" and today will start Book Review Tuesday. lol

2 of my friends recently recommended the same book to me without knowing that the other was reading it. It is Created To Be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl.
Debi and her Pastor husband, Michael are well known within the homeschooling circles, as pioneers of the homeschooling movement and have a website This is my first time hearing of them, but the book is an answer to prayer.
Over the years, I have spoken to many women older than I within the church and asked the question of how to treat my husband as a Godly woman.
Many women some with saved husbands and some without, have told me that "God does not want me to be a doormat", meaning I am a strong woman and should always stick up for myself.
It seemed like faulty advice, but not many people were telling me anything different with the exception of my grandmother who just seemed outdated. - Sorry Grandma.

Debi's book pretty much spells it out- if I want to have a "glorious" marriage (who doesn't?), then I have to submit to my husband and what God wants from me. She gives basic truths in her book with scripture that shows what God would have me do as a woman and a wife.
I have been applying Debi's principles (which as she writes are really God's principles) to my marriage and the past couple of weeks that I have been reading this book have been so rewarding. Being a better wife to my husband leaves me to be a better mother to my children as well.
I encourage you to read this book and put it to the test in your marriage today. I have not finished the book as of yet and may blog about it again in the future.

**Update- I finished this book and continue to look back to it. I believe every marriage could benefit from it.**

Monday, August 31, 2009

Our New Van!

Well, after a year and a half of having 4 kids and driving a 5 passenger Subaru Forester, we finally did it! We bought a van! Now don't get me wrong, the forester was nice, but even when we had just 3 kids, it was tight. And then adding the fourth- anytime we went somewhere as a family , we had to take 2 cars! Then if me and the kids were going somewhere together - it could only be within a couple of blocks because my oldest is really not old enough for the front seat! We bought a 2007 Chrysler Town and Country and I love it! The kids and I get excited just because it sits in our driveway and then the whole time we drive it, they just marvel at all the room. It did not come with a dvd player- which I thought we should buy right away, but then the husband intervened and said they do not need it. Alas, he is right. These kids would want to watch it on the 10 minute ride to church or the grocery store-lol. So if we ever get to go on a long trip- we might buy a small portable one. All the kids want to do is visit some friends that moved to SC a couple of years ago. Even the little ones who really do not remember them are eager to go. Still got to get the husband on board.
Sorry to gush- just so excited. Driving it is a dream- I just get a little nervous in and out of parking spaces! lol

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I will try:

I will try:

-to keep the house a little cleaner.

-to go a little easier on the kids.

-to decorate this house and make it more of a home.

-to be more organized.

-to be on time.

-to remember to be ever thankful.

-to pay bills on time.

-to pray more.

-to be in my bible more.

- to appreciate my husband more and let him know.

And many others I will ponder this week. I am going for some life changes. I am accountable to Him and will remember to act accordingly.
Oh yeah- I will lay off the TV and late night snacks!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Simple Things

I am in awe of the way other people are living. I long for a more simple way of living, but admittedly fall into a trap of the fast paced, too busy attitude of the island of which I live on. Reading other woman's blogs make me want to change for the better. I am encouraged to shut off the TV more, read more to the kids and maybe even yell a little less. I plan on embracing the rest of the days of summer and encourage the kids that even though the good weather will all too soon come to an end, our good times will not. However, trite it might be, these times go by so quick, so we must enjoy our children as much as we can and be there to pour into them everything we possibly can. These are the days.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Ok- this is it- I am officially blogging!!! I am not that into posting all my info up for everyone to see, but I figured I would give this a whirl! I have a lot to talk about, so stay tuned!
As a Stay at Home Mom who babysits almost every day of the week, there is a lot to say and sometimes no one to say it to.
So, here it goes!!!


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